, We Are Shining’s knife-throwing video will make you lose your shit

We Are Shining are a UK production pair, Morgan Zarate and Acyde, whose music thus far has been difficult to pin down – electronic, soul, hip-hop are three genres that could be applied to their music so far but perhaps most obvious in their tracks are a Dilla-style eclectic inventiveness. They’ve teamed up with Roses Gabor and Eliza Doolittle on recent tracks and there’s a mixtape coming soon.

The latter track soundtracks the video which is a serious display of nerve from both people directly involved: off camera is professional knife thrower John Taylor and Shannelle ‘Tali’ Fergus who dances around the knife throwing. Deep breaths lads.

We Are Shining X Eliza Doolittle – Killing

We Are Shining x Roses Gabor – Devileye

We Are Shining – Painted