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Shugo Tokumaru’s new album – Port Entropy

Shugo Tokumaru’s new album – Port Entropy

Shugo The much-slept on Japanese folk artist Shugo Tokumaru deserves your eyes and ears. I first posted about him here in August 2006, but even now, there’s still not much I listen to which sounds like his music – happy, folky, organic, catchy, poppy, frantic classical guitar with chimes and bells.

Shugo has three albums – Night Piece, L.S.T (featured on my albums of the decade list) and Exit with a fourth coming out in Japan called Port Entropy on April 21st. You can get the first two albums on eMusic for now. Here is the first glimpse from Port Entropy – a song called ‘Lahaha’ – which is classic Tokumaru.

This song is from 2007’s Exit:

MP3: Shugo Tokumaru – ‘Parachute’

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