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Slaney makes a case for self-preservation on debut single ‘Recharge My Soul’

Slaney is the moniker of new Irish artist Slaney Power.

It’s no wonder that Power is perusing music given her family’s affluence in the industry: her father Niall drummed for Bob Geldof and Westlife while her mother Shelly is a prolific songwriter (with whom Power has written the bulk of her original material with). The first fruits of this collaboration will see release this Friday in her debut single ‘Recharge My Soul’.

Produced by Planet Parade‘s Michael Hopkins, ‘Recharge My Soul’ is a gentle, blues-infused folk track with delicate vocals and organic instrumentation. Acoustic guitars blend with tambourines and layered vocals, gradually growing in dynamic before eventually falling away to the prevalent bare banjo riff.

Lyrically, the track makes a case for self-care and preservation, “want to melt down on a sunset where there’s no-one I know / gonna lie down on the warm sand and recharge my soul”.

It’s a sentiment we could all get on board with.

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