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State Mix: Lefse/Waaga mixtape

State Mix: Lefse/Waaga mixtape


lefse_waaga Two fervently independent US-based labels. In the blue corner, Waaga with a roster of acts that include FUR, Spirituals, Florene, and more. In the red corner, Lefse Records home to Neon Indian, Keepaway, Low Sea, Phaseone, Sunglasses and The Delta Mirror. In the centre, Matt Halverson serving as referee overseeing PR for both labels as Banter Media with his buddy Tyler.

Matt’s taste in music is exceptional so State asked him to do a mix. Like that photo above it’s predictably awesome. it’s a mix of some of the artists above and the likes of Desmond Dekker, Bell Biv Devoe, De La Soul, Q-Tip, Beak> and Crooklyn Dodgers. Thanks Matt! Tracklisting after the juuuump.

Lefse Waaga by statemagazine

Lefse/Waaga mixtape tracklisting
Julianna Barwick – Cloudbank
Keepaway – Yellow Wings
Bell Biv Devoe – Poison
Sunglasses – Whiplash
Desmosnd Dekker – Shanty Town
De La Soul ft QTip – Buddy (J Period remix)
Woodsman: When The Morning Comes
Beak> – Iron Action
Houses – Endless Spring
The Delta Mirror – Going to Town
A Lull: Weapons for War
Crooklyn Dodgers: Return of the Crooklyn Dodgers
Balmorhea: Settler (Eluvium remix)

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