Stef Murphy launches a Patreon podcast with this Irish ballad-style cover of The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air theme song

Stef Murphy FKA The Mighty Stef is launching a new Patreon-only podcast called Pub Songs From Ireland which was prompted by this Irish ballad trad-cover of the theme song from The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, which is a bit gas now.

The podcast will be available on Patreon-only and Stef says:

The show will be presented by the enthusiastic ex-RTE DJ ‘Noel Fitzmulligan’ and his faithful producer Swash Buckley. The guests will be varied and engaging and the music will be plentiful. My influences in writing this included, Mulligan And O Hare, Athletico Mince, Henry Sellers, Alan Patridge, Monty Python and a bunch of other classic satire. 

I can promise that if you don’t laugh with me you’ll laugh at me!

A subscription is available via Patreon starting at €11 a month which includes:

  • A free original unreleased Stefan Murphy recording every single week 
  • Pub Songs From Ireland Podcast [ft. loads of music]
  • Access To A Weekly Online Concert
  • Frequent giveaways of recordings of beloved cover versions
  • Behind The Scenes Videos From Recording Sessions 
  • Behind The Songs: Video series telling the stories behind some of my songs + acoustic version of the featured song. 
  • Posting of Personal Videos / Images / Writing
  • First Look [and first refusal to purchase] my artwork
  • Monthly Guitar Tutorial
  • Monthly Painting Tutorial
  • Monthly Songwriting Tutorial 

Here’s a similar style cover of ‘Raining Men’

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