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Sunken Foal featuring Si Schroeder – ‘Never Knew’

Sunken Foal featuring Si Schroeder – ‘Never Knew’

Dunk Murphy aka Sunken Foal finished the end of 2014 by releasing an album of synth and drum machines paired with soulful Smokey Robinson vocals under the name Press Charges.

The good news is that we don’t have to wait for more music on his CounterSunk label as he promises his Friday Syndrome compilation series will continue in 2 weeks with Volume 3.

‘Never Knew’, the new track featuring Si Schroeder features a beat reminiscent of Timmy Thomas’ ‘Why Can’t We Live Together’ but the song overall has a much more psychedelic flavour.

Check out the Vimeo Staff-picked video by Kevin McGloughlin and two other tracks below:

Download the three tracks from Bandcamp:

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