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Sunken Foal – Friday Syndrome Volume 2

Sunken Foal – Friday Syndrome Volume 2


Dunk Murphy’s regular Friday night musical experiments made at home saw the light of the internet when he released Friday Syndrome Volume 1 last year. Murphy’s disciplined approach to music making by making some special weekly time to do so has resulted in a further collection of music compiled as Volume 2 and it’s possibly even better than the first.

It’s quite a complete release: the 18 tracks fit well together across 46 minutes. ‘As Hot As Fresh Milk’ is one of the best Warp Records beats you’ll hear all year (check the Fergal Brennan video below), ‘Your First On Both Sides’ brings in bright guitar tones to some Clark-style electronica, there’s the lush previously-heard ‘Cutty’s Advice’, the skittery R&B vocal robotics of ‘It’s Grafton Street’ (listen out for the lyrics), synth workouts with ‘Clemenza’s Bed’ , wonk electronics on ‘Southern Jewel’, ambient tracks like ‘Beef To The Heel’ and the gorgeous older MAP-featured track ‘Sailing Architraves’.

Dunk is also an enthusiastic print man so to accompany the release he’s offering special Antil-Curl prints designed by himself. Each one is a unique image generated from an animated moiré pattern system meaning every one is different. There’s 240 in total. €14 each. And a Countersunk T-shirt for the same price. Get them from Bandcamp.


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