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SXSW – I wish I was there…

SXSW – I wish I was there…

But alas not to be. Maybe next year? No, definitely next year. I was looking at CubikMusik’s planned schedule for the week and turned green with envy. The bastard..

Anyhow, Cubik is an expat living in Austin and runs a super blog as you know , right? Well himself and a fellow team of Austin bloggers are putting on a SXSW event which I wish them all the best for. It’s called Above the Radar and has the fanciest multimedia flyer I’ve ever seen. Go see *. There will be some daily SXSW coverage on State this week and some competitions too!).

*If you are there obviously, otherwise come along to the pub with me and we can cry into our pints in solidarity like the true music nerds we are!

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