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Take a trip and Multiply

Take a trip and Multiply

Jamie Lidell

I’m sure by now, you are all aware of Jamie Lidell’s Multiply album from last year. It was definitely an album that caught me unawares, full of sun kissed rhythms and soulful vocals from a knob twiddler from England. You can hear strains of Otis Redding, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye throughout the record. Essentially Multiply is a modern soul record that hits all the right buttons but also has a contempary feel.

In May, Jamie released Multiply Additions, a remix album (with a couple of live tracks thrown in) and it’s from this album that I want to share a couple of songs. Luke Vibert’s reworking of ‘A little bit more’ is a masterful remix taking away the pounding bass and replacing it with a piano and synth freakout. Four Tet turns the dystopian ‘The City’ into a frantic bleeps and blips remix. If you get the chance to catch Lidell live, he does this cool vocal sampling thing where he records vocals live, loops them and sings over them – Mp3 below taken from Lowlands last year. There’s a weird interview/live session Podcast thingy on AOL’s The Interface worth checking out here.


Jamie Lidell – A little bit more (Luke Vibert mix)

Jamie Lidell – The City (Four Tet mix)

Jamie Lidell – Multiply

Jamie Lidell – A Little Bit More

Jamie Lidell – The City (live with Vocal Looping)

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