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Take me back to the Picnic maaan..

Take me back to the Picnic maaan..


(To be sung to the tune of “North American Scum”)

I think that was the best festival weekend I’ve ever had. My brain is still reeling from it. Anyhow, here’s how it went down musically @ Electric Picnic:

  • Friday was a bit of a disaster. We left Dublin @ 4pm and got to Stradbally at 10pm, thus, missing Bjork. I heard “Declare Independence” bouncing off a church in Stradbally town. It sounded great. We were all getting cabin fever a little bit in the car so it was a relief to get inside. LCD Soundsystem’s set was good not great and was aided by a decent atmosphere. “All my Friends” WAS euphoric yet perhaps “New York I love you” is not a great choice for an encore. Hello “Someone Great” ??

    LCD Soundsystem – lighting of flare during “Yeah”

  • Saturday was up early @ 10am to set up for the Super Extra Bonus Party set in the Bodytonic tent. The lads had to bring all their own gear but despite a frenzied dash for cymbals it was all good. 500 people turned up at noon for the set and it was really well received. I was happy with the visuals and everything went well from what I could tell. A great start to the day.

    Super Extra Bonus Party – Everything Flows

    Super Extra Bonus Party – Favourite Things outro

  • After that I caught the last song of Channel One, tried to get in to The Jimmy Cake and gave up, a bit of Malajube which was OK and a thumping few songs from !!! (still don’t like the recorded stuff though). Bonde do Role were good but it’s the third time I’ve seen them so the excitement had waned a little bit.
  • I wasn’t sure what I was expecting from MIA but what I got was an average uninspired set from her. It was all a bit .. meh. Instantly forgettable. Oh, and someone tell her pressing the gunshot sample repeatedly during the songs is not big or clever.

    MIA – Paper Planes

  • Jamie Lidell’s set was one I’ve been anticipating the most and my god, what a set. From the looped electronic vocal madness to the sweet croon of new song “Wait for me”, Jamie was a joy to watch. One of the best voices I’ve heard live – effortlessly shifting from a cockney accent to a beautiful dulcet singing voice. Loved his bin bag hoodie too. The set culminated in “Multiply”, a favourite of mine so I was properly delighted during that one.

    Jamie Lidell – Multiply

  • The second of a three in a row which floored me: Final Fantasy in the Foggy Notions tent where we met Ailo and Damien . Having missed the previous FF gigs I wasn’t going to miss this one. Another artist utilising a loopstation with violin this time that blew me away. Owen Pallet is a jawdroppingly good performer and a likeable fellah. He played “This is the dream of Win and Regine” along with covers of Bloc Party, Joanna Newsom and a encore of Mariah Carey’s “Heartbreaker” to which everyone, suspiciously knew the words! Amazing stuff.
  • And so to the penultimate set of Saturday night and my favourite band of all-time: Beastie Boys. Playing in the Electric Arena tent which was rammed with a sea of people watching from outside meant it was a poor choice for the band especially as Jesus and Mary Chain were butchering people’s teenage years on stage. Somehow we made our way pretty close to the stage for a set which took in all 20 years of their career: the early obnoxious years were represented: (“No Sleep til Brooklyn”, “Brass Monkey”), the early and later punk years (“Egg raid on Mojo”, “Heart Attack Man”, “Tough Guy”), the new instrumental stuff and everything in between. It was a near perfect setlist for me and meeting my fellow Beastie enthusiast Ciaran during the set just elevated the night. Much better than London a few years back, the atmosphere was crackin in that tent. You can get a 50 minute FM audio rip here at Mic to Mic.

    Beastie Boys – Shake your Rump


    Beastie Boys – 3 MCs and 1 DJ


    Beastie Boys – Egg Raid on Mojo

  • Sunday began with the Irish band buzz: first with Fight like Apes who as everyone has said, suffered from bad sound but had a sizeable crowd. Caught a little of Halves which was a bit too chilled out but nice and heard the Warlords of Pez sunday Mass from outside.
  • Mixmaster Mike was an amazing DJ who truly deserves his DMC status. Not only is he technically resplendent but he rocks a mean party too. Particularly enjoyed the “Smells like Teen Spirit” / “Bohemian Rhapsody” section and the crowd’s reaction. After that it was Beastie Boys second set of the weekend: the Gala Event instrumental set which was lovely and chilled out and a perfect complement to the Sunday headspace complete with a full on instrument version of “Jimmy James”.
  • DJ Yoda’s VJ set was mindblowing! Although this explains somewhat how he does it, it still doesn’t prepare you for the full-on audio-visual sensory experience of the show.
  • UNKLE’s set was fantastic. I care not for Lavelle dismissals as you can’t deny what he has created is far superior to many. And it really works as a live show.
  • There were loads of bands and artists I missed, I somehow never ventured into Body and Soul once and there were loads of attractions I never made it too. All part and parcel of the festival I suppose. There was a legendary encounter in the Lost Vagueness tent early Monday morning which you’ll have to ask me about if you see me or if you know how to use Youtube ;)

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