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Intro: Terriers – a Dublin downtempo duo

Intro: Terriers – a Dublin downtempo duo


Marie Celeste, the debut EP from Dublin duo Terriers, Peter Ward and Ronan Downing has been creeping under my skin for the last couple of weeks. Its three tracks are unassuming enough, the kind of songs that permeate slowly into your consciousness. ‘Crave’ has a Boards Of Canada-esque psychedelic shuffle, ‘Blue’ growls with low end and ‘Truant’ is a head-nodding “fuck-it” with a “let’s go get high” Lana Del Rey sample.

Ward and Downing credit their inspiration to “admiration of atmosphere, the grimey disarray of Dublin city and their overall love for melody and underground bass tones” and there’s a smirky smoky vibe to their relatively bare tracks that could perceivably conjure up Dublin’s dark spots or if you’re feeling sinister, the littered floor of Rick’s Burgers on a Saturday night.

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