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Tev’n – Solitude (mixtape)

Tev’n – Solitude (mixtape)

Not much is known about UK singer and producer Tev’n but this I can tell you – if you like the R&B electronica tones of SBTRKT paired with the dulcet honey tones of his collaborator Sampha then you’ll be a fan of this short 17-minute 8-songs mixtape.

It’s a debut mixtape so it does feel like an incomplete collection of ideas but what is there is pretty stellar. ‘Falling Away’ features sweet R&B melodies, ‘Chasing Away’ goes for heavy bass and twisted vocal samples with Tev’n impressing with his vocal timbre, while percussive hits dominate ‘Primal’.

‘Callous Heart’ builds upon that percussive rhythm with a soulful vocal turn and chopped and screwed style. Despite its short one-minute length ‘These Virtues’ is a Shabazz Palaces-style track with vocals that pitch up and down wonderfully. If Tev’n doesn’t make a track out of it, I hope someone does.

The EP might only be 17 minutes but it seriously marks out this fellah as one to watch next year. The mixtape is a free download at his site.

Thanks to Disco Naivete for the tip.