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The 10 best tracks of the week

The 10 best tracks of the week


3. Fatima Yamaha – ‘Sooty Shearwater, King of Migration’

It took 11 years for ‘What’s A Girl To Do’, a song originally released on D1 Recordings, to top the Resident Advisor Tracks of 2015 poll. Surprising as that is, the Dutch producer Bas Bron released a Fatima Yamaha album, Imaginary Lines, as recently as November last year. Alongside ‘Borderless II’ in its immediate highlights, stands ‘Sooty Shearwater, King of Migration’, a track which plays like a companion piece to that sleeper hit in the way it pairs pinging arpeggiated notes with a classic kickdrum, some light funk and low-end that traverses across the track’s five minute running time. Like ‘What’s a Girl To Do’, it could continue for another five without complaint.

4. Savages – ‘Adore’


Savages have shown us new sides to their intensity on their forthcoming album Adore Life (January 22nd). ‘The Answer’ is the cathartic loud side, and now, ‘Adore’ moves in slow circles, its spacious arrangement leading us into a questioning darkness (“Is it human to adore life?”) until Jehnny Beth resolves the riddle for us – “I adore life.”

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