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The Mighty Stef – ‘Fourteen Yellow Sunflowers’

The Mighty Stef – ‘Fourteen Yellow Sunflowers’

The Mighty Stef’s Pledgemusic pre-order for the new album Year Of The Horse has been going pretty well so far. The band are at 175% of the fund goal already. Much be nice to know that people care.

As for the rest of you, if you weren’t taken by the recent Iveagh Flats EP or missed it the first time around, TMS are offering another preview of the album (which was produced by named producer Alain Johannes) with the song ‘Fourteen Yellow Sunflowers’ that comes with the following story from singer and songwriter Stefan Murphy:

01.01.2011 // Smith Street // Charleston, SC

Eleven has always been my favourite number so I was very excited to try and make 2011 the biggest and best year of my life.

It got off to a shaky start when I casually woke up on New Year’s day to the sound of a million fire engines on Smith St. A few doors down from where I was staying a young girl had fallen asleep while drunkenly trying to cook some food. I went on a long walk to temporarily escape the madness on the street. When I returned a couple of hours later the police and the fire brigade had disappeared, the neighbours had all returned to getting on with their year and all that remained on the drizzly Carolina afternoon were fourteen sunflowers that had been laid there earlier that morning by a friend of the deceased.

It struck me as a brutal way for some family to start their year. As I was mentally preparing to welcome a daughter into the world they were being forced to say goodbye the theirs. – This sad feeling inspired the lyrics of this song but musically we tried to make it uplifting.

Photo credit: Derek Kennedy.

The Mighty Stef – Year Of The Horse Tracklisting:

  1. Everybody Needs A Grave
  2. Ceremony
  3. Nightwatchman Of The Iveagh Flats
  4. Horse Tranquilizers
  5. A Song For A Blind Girl
  6. Capri Sun
  7. Vampire Hold Me Tight
  8. Stella
  9. Milk White Tears
  10. Hardship
  11. Fourteen Yellow Sunflowers
  12. Murder