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The music merch market is back for Christmas so you can directly support restricted musicians

The music merch market is back for Christmas so you can directly support restricted musicians

The Merchy Market is a one-stop-shop Christmas market which started last year with bands selling their merch at The Grand Social last year while gigs were not possible at all.

And it’s back this year, just as gigs are curtailed to 50% seated capacity only until January 9th, so there’s literally no better time to directly support bands who have lost income once again.

On the Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th of December, the Grand Social in Dublin will host shops from Irish artists below, and the bands will be there in person selling their merch. It runs each day from 10am to 4pm with the following artists spread across two days.


  • Saint Sister
  • Ailbhe Reddy
  • Maria Kelly
  • Loah
  • Soda Blonde
  • Dani Larkin
  • Sorcha Richardson
  • Gemma Dunleavy 
  • Wyvern Lingo
  • Celaviedmai
  • Niamh Regan
  • Whipping Boy
  • The Mary Wallopers
  • Lankum
  • Royal Yellow
  • Nealo
  • Kneecap
  • Seba Safe,
  • Thumper
  • Larry & Pizza Pizza records
  • HousePlants
  • Tandem Felix
  • Neil Dexter (Spies)
  • Adrian Crowley
  • The Scratch
  • Melts
  • Sprints
  • Skipper’s Alley
  • The Murder Capital
  • Maija Sofia


  • Pillow Queens
  • Paddy Hanna
  • Junior Brother
  • Myles Manley
  • Strength NIA
  • Somebody’s Child
  • Rebel Phoenix
  • Tebi Rex
  • Senu
  • Vernon Jane & Bicurious
  • Sally Cinnamon
  • Bon Voyage
  • Mango X Mathman
  • NewDad
  • Rob de Boer
  • Skinner
  • Kynsy
  • Odd Morris
  • Silverbacks
  • Touts
  • The Zen Arcade
  • Havvk
  • New Secret Weapon
  • Le Boom
  • TV People
  • Saint Sister
  • Moxie
  • Varo

It will be cash only on the day. The event is free to all, with a suggested donation of €5 to Dublin Simon Community.

“The last two years have been very difficult. In the absence of any proper guidance we have, time and time again, had to reorganise and replan in order to get by. Merchy Christmas is a small part of the rejigging that all artists have had to do over the last while. Last year, it gave us a boost when we needed it most. Thank God for our community! We’ll see you at the merch stand.”

Saint Sister

“The Christmas merch sale last year was one of the highlights of the year for me. It was heartwarming to meet people face to face and to hang out and chat with people who like my music and also to other artists and friends. After a year of no gigs or face to face interactions, it was refreshing to be there in person hanging out and buying and selling merch. 10/10 would go again.”