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The Nialler9 Music Awards 2020

The Nialler9 Music Awards 2020


For the closing of the trilogy of the best of 2020 podcasts, Niall and Andrea fill in the blanks of the year by awarding winners in increasingly esoteric categories like:

Who had 2020 biggest vibes? Best songwriting? Best live streamed shows? Best musician protest of 2020? Rap beat of the year? Cheesiest song ? Best lyrics, Best song born out of a viral video? Best song to dance in the kitchen to? Best cover song? Most beautiful piece of music of the year? Best use of sample? Best band rediscovery? Best use of a song in a movie? What were our Favourite movies, film, TV and books of the year.

AKA listen to two people pop open prosecco and strong Belgian beer over Zoom and get increasingly tipsy. We interrupt our own show to watch Denise Chaila Other Voices and everything. It was relevant. Yeah the show is 2 hours but this is the last podcast from us for a month so you get a bumper edition to keep you going .


116: Albums of 2020

115: Songs of 2020

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