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The weirdest mixtape premise ever..

The weirdest mixtape premise ever..


The Sunny Side of Truth is a US website dealing with the facts and myths of cigarettes and the tobacco industry from a unique perspective. You get all sorts of strange facts and figures as well as videos/ads like this:

‘The Magical Amount’

The website has also commissioned a mixtape with remixes from Diplo, Z-Trip, Mixmaster Mike, DJ Spooky, Pete Rock and more. Basically, each remix takes its samples from the above ads (which is why for the last week I had no clue what messed up cartoon about smoking they came from). It’s an interesting concept, deserving of a quick poke around the site and a listen to the songs which can be downloaded in a ZIP file.

Tough Love (Mixmaster Mike’s Ashtray Edit)

Typo (Diplo Hip-Hop Remix)

In other mixtape news: Try out Pascal’s Country Sounds “Party Hardy” Mixtape” – Go Go Ninja Dinosaur!

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