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There’s a DOOM cookbook launch next month in Dublin

There’s a DOOM cookbook launch next month in Dublin

There’s no better rapper than MF DOOM to inspire a cookbook, sure he had a full album called Mm..Food.

DOOM’S BISTRO is an unofficial cookbook inspired by the music of MF DOOM, launches at Hen’s Teeth on Sunday December 3rd.

This DOOM event will feature Ben from Blue Monday Press signing books, along with a Bring Your Own Art Show from Abhainn Studio, and food and drink inspired by recipes from the book.

There’s also a tattoo artist Kristy Kvktt on hand doing illustrations and more from the book.

About the book:

Have you always wanted to know how to make the perfect Rapp Snitch Knish or Fillet-O-Rapper? DOOM’S BISTRO is an illustrated cookbook filled with recipes for the foods mentioned throughout MF DOOM’s discography.

​​Throughout his music, MF DOOM has always superbly seasoned his music with references to food. I’ve been a huge DOOM fan for decades and this cookbook came together as a way to pay tribute to an icon of hip hop while adding a delicious dimension to his back catalogue.

DOOM’S BISTRO features over 60 recipes for foods and drinks directly referenced in the music of MF DOOM, and is written and illustrated by Ben Gore.

30% of art sold on the day & €5 from every tattoo will be donated directly to DOOM’s estate.

More info.

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