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There’s a Sober Rave happening this Saturday in Dublin

There’s a Sober Rave happening this Saturday in Dublin

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a sober rave held in Dublin, and especially one that has a stellar lineup of DJs to represent it and get people interested.

Club Loosen is the brainchild of Paul Walsh, and it happens at The Complex, off Capel Street this Saturday evening from 7pm.

The club features DJ sets from R.Kitt, Marcus O’Laoire and Minikomono and it encourages attendees to come and dance without drink or drugs. As their short blurb / manifesto says:


what is CLUB LOOSEN ?…..

~ fun ravey-vibe energy

~ for people who want to enjoy themselves without using alcohol/drugs

~ it’s about being loose in yourself and the fun that can come from that…

~ the party isn’t anti-substance use in general, it understands they can be fun / freeing, however this event wants to promote rave energy without the need for alcohol/drugs

~ when you are in your bedroom dancing to a song you love, you aren’t concerned about how you dance, movement and dance just happens and unfolds out of you —if there is a goal that’s it

Tickets are available for €20 from Eventbrite.