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There’s an Icelandic music tour coming to Ireland this month

There’s an Icelandic music tour coming to Ireland this month

After Iceland’s thumping victory of England last night in the Euros, all eyes are on the minnow of the country (300,000 people) heading into the unchartered waters of a quarter final place.

Iceland’s music has had a strong reputation over the last twenty years with Bjork, Sigur Ros, Of Monsters & Men, Gus Gu and Iceland Airwaves capturing the hearts of music lovers.

This month, musicians of the capital of Iceland Reykjavik are coming to Iceland for a tour including JFDR ( Jófríður of Samaris & Pascal Pinon) courtesy of Feel Good Lost and MDR Recordings (Colm O’Herlihy recently took up a position in Reykjavik as studio manager for the Bedroom Community label). Other artists include Wesen, Kreld and Indridi while Talos will represent the Irish on tour. Below is a mixtape of the artists playing and the dates include:

Tour dates

July 19th: JFDR, Talos, Indridi @ D-Light Studios, Dublin with Homebeat
July 20th: JFDR, Talos, Indridi @ DeBarra’s, Clonakilty, Cork
July 21st: Wesen, Kreld @ DeBarra’s, Clonakilty, Cork
July 21st: JFDR, Talos, Indridi, Asta Fanney @ St. John’s Priory, Kilkenny with KPB
July 22nd: Reykjavik Party @ Connolly’s of Leap, West Cork

Talos and Jófríður are also playing a Feel Good Lost night in Mitchelstown Cave on July 10th. Look out for a JFDR mix on Nialler9 tomorrow.

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