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Tonight: Beardyman in Twisted Pepper

Tonight: Beardyman in Twisted Pepper

The supremely talented beatbox MC Beardyman is playing tonight at the Twisted Pepper and judging by his latest set in Cargo, London it’s going to be amazing. During the 8-part video set he takes requests from the crowd and using a loop station does some incredible things with his voice including some drum and bass, ‘Simon Says’, mixes Benga and Coki’s ‘Night’ with Rick Astley, ‘Born Slippy’, ‘Electrobank’, LFO, ‘Oompa Lumpa Song’ and loads more. Just watch.

Beardyman will be joined by DJ Kormac (Scribble) and Nic James (Mud) and Klute (Commerical Suicide,UK). Doors are 11pm . Tickets are e10 in advance or e15 on the door.

Watch this. The other seven videos on Youtube but my favourites continue in the more. Thanks to Cian for the tip.

Part 1

Part 8