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Top Irish albums of 2006 poll: Vote!

Top Irish albums of 2006 poll: Vote!


I’ve been compiling my end of year album and songs list over the past few days but I really wanted to do a top 10 Irish albums of 2006 list too. Only problem is I don’t think I’ve heard enough Irish albums from this year to put into a list.

Seeing as the blog is now a year old this month and is doing really well, I thought I’d do something different and open it up to the floor. So… here’s the deal.. Go here and tell me your Top 5 Irish albums of 2006. Alternatively, email your top list to [email protected]. Sin é!

Here’s a quick list off the top of my head of Irish artists who have released albums this year – Humanzi, The Immediate, The Mighty Stef, David Kitt, Warlords of Pez, Messiah J and the Expert, Herv, Miriam Ingram, The Frames, Redneck Manifesto, Damien Rice, Deep Burial, Fionn Regan, The Blizzards, Si Schroeder, Director, Dublin Guitar Quartet, Eoin Dillon, Swell Season, Saso, Ann Scott… that should get you thinking. We could get a really interesting list going here so pass the link around!

Update: Great Response so far – Keep em coming. I’ll close the Poll on the 8th December and post the results (with MP3s if possible) soon after.

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