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Trophy Boyfriend – ‘Feels Like Autumn’

Trophy Boyfriend – ‘Feels Like Autumn’

Despite what moany Gavin Friday thinks, Irish music is plenty diverse. We are, however, under-represented in synth-led electro pop, which has seen a resurgence worldwide of late in the likes of Holy Ghost! and Cut Copy. Just spend ten minutes on The Hype Machine or Shuffler and you’re bound to hear an example of this nostalgia-led music, made for carefree dancing under a glitterball.

Yet the Irish are slow to dabble. Are we too self-conscious? Too small town? Am I talking shit? You could probably count decent Irish “electro pop” acts on less that ten fingers: Neosupervital, Babybeef, Bitches With Wolves, Maighréad, Blumenkraft and by cheating a little, count the intersection of electro and disco with I Am The Cosmos and Laser Tom And The Blast Crew. And judging by his latest single ‘Feels Like Autumn’, you can add Gregor Ruigrok aka Trophy Boyfriend to the list – it’s got that classic ’80s synthesizer rhythm thing going on.

Feels Like Autumn by Trophy Boyfriend

And a remix from The Casanova Wave too:

Feels Like Autumn (The Casanova Wave ‘Feels Like a Caribbean Cruise’ Remix) by Trophy Boyfriend

The single is available for digital download on May 4th. Scarf artwork by Flourescent Elephant.

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