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Video: Cashier no. 9 – When Jackie Shone

Video: Cashier no. 9 – When Jackie Shone

I went down to Whelan’s a couple of weekends ago to catch the Nordie double header of Cashier no.9 and Escape Act. Escape Act were great but Cashier no. 9 were playing from a different sheet. Every song was of a very high standard and every song had something to hold onto, whether it was a hook, a guitar riff, a unique drum beat (Seriously the drummer was one of the best drummers just to watch play I had seen in a long time). It makes me wonder with all the great music coming out of the North why there isn’t a music blog covering it? Does anyone know of one?

Cashier no. 9 have a new video for ‘When Jackie Shone’. This video is “The Chart Show” quality but the song is miles above that.

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