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Video: El-P – ‘Time Won’t Tell’

Video: El-P – ‘Time Won’t Tell’

El-P’s all instrumental album WeAreAllGoingToBurnInHell Megamixxx3 is out now and there’s a new video for one of the tracks. The Skinny interviewed El-P recently and I had a chuckle at this paragraph…

Comparisons are frequently drawn between El-P’s work and The Bomb Squad – he’s not afraid to use gunshots, sirens and horns. “I wanted to throw some of that in because I love that shit, you know? To me that’s just fun, because at this point it’s like a cheap trick. You can literally put an airhorn over like, the softest shit on the planet, and people will just be like, ‘OH MY GAWD, this shit is incredible!’ I shouldn’t even be revealing this secret to you, but that’s why everyone uses airhorns. It’s literally Pavlovian at this point. You just sound the airhorn, and everyone thinks it’s the hottest shit on the planet. And you know what? It kind of is. ”

A live video version of ‘How To Serve Man’ and ‘Meanstreak in 3’ in audio is after the jump.

El-P – Meanstreak in 3 parts

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