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Video: Odd Future live at SXSW Thrasher Party

Video: Odd Future live at SXSW Thrasher Party

The energy around Odd Future’s SXSW shows was insane. The exception was the official Billboard showcase on Saturday night which suffered from crappy venue and poorer crowd dynamics than these snotty punk rap kids were used to, meaning the collective ducked out after only three songs. No other artist could come close in terms of spectacle (though Kanye tried by putting on a gig in a power plant). The adolescent fervour around the LA-based rap collective was resounding at the all-ages Thrasher Party out east of Austin city. Kids jumped the fence, the line to get in was bum-rushed and people were ejected. Luckily, even if you didn’t get in you could still get a decent view from outside and it’s from there I witnessed this madness:

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