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Video Premiere: Cork artist Jena Keating unlearns the meaning of being ‘Alone’

Video Premiere: Cork artist Jena Keating unlearns the meaning of being ‘Alone’

Jena Keating is a new Cork R&B artist who today has released her second ever single ‘Alone’, and its accompanying video.

On ‘Alone’, 24-year-old Keating explores the duality of the title, in a positive and negative context, reflecting her inner thoughts and deciding that choosing to be on your own can have a beneficial effect.

The song was inspired by the demise of a three-year relationship and the process of unlearning that occurred in the void of companionship and dependency, felt by the author while acknowledging her borderline personality disorder.

“I am an extremely emotionally-driven artist. My songs are diaries into my existence, places for me to part ways with thoughts that couldn’t go anywhere else. Having BPD (borderline personality disorder) music has given me the opportunity to use my hypersensitivity and reinforce it into something purposeful. Something positive. In this song “Alone” you will hear my internal dialogue of trying to manage the ever imploding feeling of self love and abandonment. Hope ye enjoy the noise. “

Video by Jena Keating and Robert Montgomery. Styling by Ríon Hannora and Jena Keating.

“Locking love in cause its home, loving love cause it writes off the wrong tones, lusting myself cause I deserve it, rubbing off the board what’s not deserving of it.”

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