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Video: Sam Amidon – ‘Way Go, Lilly’ (live @ Whelan’s)

Video: Sam Amidon – ‘Way Go, Lilly’ (live @ Whelan’s)

Sam Amidon from Whelan’s last night. A brilliant night of American folk songs, banjo, fiddle, “fuzzy donkeys”, avoiding ashclouds, 29th birthdays, singalongs, R Kelly covers, a cursory attempt at “lilting 943 Irish fiddle tunes in under 10 minutes” and small people walking across elastic bands. Half of this won’t make any sense to you if you weren’t there which is why you should see Sam when he returns with Ben Frost, Nico Muhly & Valgeir Sigurðsson in the National concert Hall on September 26th.

Alan Reilly’s State review is here with photos by kDamo.

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