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Video: Shit Robot – ‘Take ‘Em Up’ directed by Eoghan Kidney

Video: Shit Robot – ‘Take ‘Em Up’ directed by Eoghan Kidney


From Eoghan Kidney:
1) “The shoot was in Williamsburg – funnily we ended up shooting on the street I used to live ten years ago during my J1. It was a bit more of a trucking zone then though, but it was nice to revisit the place.”

2) “The operator who shot it also shot the SNL shorts, Dick in a Box and stuff. He’s been doing it for 20 years.”

3) “We also got Michel Gondry’s house in one of the shots, and his son was sitting outside with all his mates trying to get us to use his car in the video but I declined because I think they has been partying all night and were behaving strangely.” (They didn’t use the above shot in the end)

And here’s a nice Shit Robot remix of Idioma I found this morning..
Idioma – Landscapes (Shit Robot Remix) by bnubs

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