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Washed Out – ‘Amor Fati’

Washed Out – ‘Amor Fati’


Another new song download from Ernest Greene aka Washed Out’s Within and Without album (out July 8th on Sub Pop) after ‘Eyes Be Closed’. Having heard the album I can say that ‘Amor Fati’ is probably the closest track in soundalike to the Life Of Leisure EP and High Times EP. If you pre-order the album now, the first 500 get a free 7″ with the songs ‘Belong’ and ‘Phone Call’ for the first time. It’s early days yet for me with the album but I can’t help escape the feeling thus far that with proper production, the songs have lost some ‘ooomph’. Time and more listens will tell.

This is what Amor Fati means.

Download: Washed Out – Amor Fati