Watch: Art Of Algebra & Breezy IDeyGoke’s music video explores being black and Muslim in Ireland

Watch: Art Of Algebra & Breezy IDeyGoke's music video explores being black and Muslim in Ireland

Art Of Algebra, the project of Dublin producer David Hallinan is premiering the music video for the recently shared track ‘Praying On A Gamble‘ with Breezy IDeyGoke on vocals here today.

‘Praying on a Gamble’, is a new version of the Art Of Algebra debut album track ‘Indigo’ recontextualised.

Matching the dark trip-hop energy of the song, the video directed & edited by Mark JD Smyth, accentuates Breezy’s life story and his Islamic faith, different to all around him.

“It reminded me of the indigo flower. As delicate as the flower looks, at some point the seed has to let the plant come to the surface. That breakthrough feeling became a central theme for the song and it pushed me to think about my roots and what I stem from, as well as the environment I was raised in. We all have to go through growth in this world and it can seem challenging. That challenge for me was having to grow in a space that I couldn’t be open about my Muslim faith or culture.”

It follows on from the song ‘Maasi’ also featured here.

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