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Watch Ellie Goulding cover Sorcha Richardson’s ‘Shark Eyes’

Watch Ellie Goulding cover Sorcha Richardson’s ‘Shark Eyes’

Ellie Goulding has covered ‘Shark Eyes’, the song by Sorcha Richardson that features on her second album Smiling Like An Idiot.

It all came about when Goulding heard the song, DM’d Sorcha and got in touch. The pair have since written some music together too.

Says Sorcha on Insta.

Still can’t quite get my head around the fact that one day last summer I was on a train to West Kerry and checked my phone to see a DM from @elliegoulding to say she heard Shark Eyes, loved the song, and wanted to do a cover of it. I pretty much kept this a secret out of fear that if I told anyone it wouldn’t come true. Low and behold Ellie’s word is gold and her cover of Shark Eyes is out on Youtube today and it sounds so so good. I used to listen to Lights on repeat walking around New York when I was trying to pick up the courage to go sing my songs at open mics so this is a pretty magic full circle moment. Got to write some new stuff together recently too which was a dream 🔮🪐 And all of this almost a year to the day that Shark Eyes came out..

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