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Watch Jape’s Lidar scanner ‘Secret Area’ music video

Watch Jape’s Lidar scanner ‘Secret Area’ music video


To mark the release of his new instrumental electronic album 9K HI Vol. 1 today on Faction Records, Jape (this week’s podcast guest also) has released a video he made himself for the song ‘Secret Area’.

Echoing the wonky toned electronics of the track, which like the rest of the record was made using an old low-bitrate Casio FZ1 sampler.

“I made this video using Lidar scanning in a broken way to scan myself and my kids, then processed it all through some video synthesisers and a circuit bent video mixer”

9K HI, VOL. 1 is a collection of music Egan wrote while writing a more traditional album.

“I picked up an old Casio FZ1 sampler a while ago and it completely restored my creative flow, it had a sound I felt like I was searching for my whole life.

I made a bunch of songs with it and then had an idea for a record that would sound like a tape you found on the floor of a rave years ago, only to discover it in a drawer years later.

I’m lucky that I got to experience first, a punk musical education and then later a dance education. 9K HI Vol. 1 is my love letter to those days. There’s a lot of love in those frequencies.”

Is dance music for walking around graveyards.
Is a tape you found on the floor of a rave.
Is the new album from Jape, an instrumental electronic record.

It is joyful and nostalgic,
a tribute to old technology and nights gone by.

The music presented itself one day when a Casio FZ1 sampler opened a door to an
intriguing world.

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