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Watch: Jennifer Evans debuts new project Jæd with ‘Vessel List’

Watch: Jennifer Evans debuts new project Jæd with ‘Vessel List’

In February, Jennifer Evans debuted her first song since 2016, with ‘Very Fond’, a track that was included on the Slow Dance ’22 compilation and showcased a loose jazz, math rock and prog pop sound.

Now, the artist has re-emerged ahead of an appearance at Ireland Music Week this Thursday (The Grand Social) with new project name Jæd.

‘Vessel List’ is the first song from the new name, a discombulating track which leans on art-rock and improvised lyrical sounds which came “through feelings of deep isolation and shame and an urgent need for connection and belonging.”

The intensely delivered song was co-produced with Stereolab drummer Andy Ramsay with percussion courtesy of ex-Gang Of Four drummer Tobias Humble. 

“I recorded these unintelligible wailing sounds while playing the very repetitive and staccato main guitar/bass riff over and over, that worked like a slow drill through my being helping to rupture something in me to let some truth come through, to release something. I’d listen back and allow any word association to arise freely from the vocal sounds and write them down. ‘I’m your darkness sister pirate with good squalor vulture in the fern / I come from dour dirt maggot season’ – the song is literally a shadow self coming through.”

The video is just important in debuting the new project, which is directed and produced by Jæd and Matt Grimble, and shot at for Garden Studios in Harlesden, London. It was created in collabortion with costume and visual artists UhuruMatahari and Uhuruheru.

“I wanted the video to be a celebration of beauty and the body in movement. So much of our sensitivity shuts down with traumas, we become stuck. It’s courageous to share beauty and I find people have been (myself included) more terrified of beholding beauty than violence. It’s like we’ve forgotten how to co exist with beauty without having to trap it or own it, or in some cases hate it. I also wanted to celebrate and thank the ego for how it has protected me and brought me to my current place. There are behaviours I’d like to move on from but first, gratitude and celebration.”

A debut album is due to be officially announced and released in 2024 – made in collaboration with producers Dilip Harris (King Krule, Mount Kimbie) and Andy Ramsay (Stereolab, Kero Kero Bonito, Nilüfer Yanya). 

Live dates

5th October – Ireland Music Week, Dublin (Ireland)
12th October – The Shacklewell Arms, London (supporting Pixie Cut Rhythm Orchestra)
18th October – Cyprus Avenue, Cork (Ireland)

Instagram: @____jaed_____
X/Twitter: @____jaed____

Vessel List lyrics

Lasting past the laughing pull hound 

pile in full cat hiding real good 

I’m your darkness sister pirate 

with good squalor 

vulture in the fern 

Schooled in flying sour 

going with drowning out 

covered jewel eye 

still gets lost sometimes 

Smash that idea 

pleasant fever 

positive step leader 

all this good coming out of them 

I come from dour dirt maggot season 

I have pain for you the Nape of Dina 

Causing Vessel List 

causing vessel under

Lasting past the……..please let go

I come from dour dirt maggot season, come down

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