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Watch M.I.A.’s refugee-centred ‘Borders’ video

Watch M.I.A.’s refugee-centred ‘Borders’ video

While M.I.A.’s music hasn’t really landed for me in the last couple of years, she still tackles subject matter that most do not.

‘Borders’ is more pertinent than most, addressing the current refugee crisis. Lyrically, M.I.A.’s list of things – borders, politics, the privileged, boat people, the new world; followed by “What’s up with that?” feels like a conversation starter, the video directed by M.I.A.) itself is powerful, stylistically showing people climbing gates and fences, on boats and in its most memorable visual, forming a human ship.

M.I.A. - Borders

The song is from M.I.A.’s fifth studio album AIM, forthcomingon Interscope Records. M.I.A. released “Broader Than A Border” earlier this year.

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