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Watch the video for Contour’s ‘Change Your Ways’

Watch the video for Contour’s ‘Change Your Ways’


Contour’s ‘Change Your Ways’ was one of those songs that got a big reaction here in the last year. Since October, the Irish duo of Conan Wynne and Anna Doran have released some tracks on Soundcloud and videos on Youtube as well as played their first live show (last weekend in The Grand Social).

For their upcoming 4-track EP, out August 28th, on Belfast label Champion Sound Recordings, Chaos Theories, which takes inspiration from song structures based on geometric shapes, all four songs were made with a combo of good old-fashioned hardware like synths and tape ans digital techniques.

Watch the video by Chris Lynch and featuring Doran.

Contour - Change Your Ways

Track list

  1. Change Your ways 3:34
  2. Contour Split Wave 4:42
  3. Contour Syncopated Garden 5:19
  4. Contour Yin Yang 4:23
Contour "Chaos Theories" E.P. Teaser

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