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Adebisi Shank – ‘World In Harmony’

Adebisi Shank – ‘World In Harmony’

We’ve had the pulverising polychromatic parade stomp of ‘Big Unit’ and the live favourite ‘Voodoo Vision’, now, ‘World In Harmony’, the latest track from This Is The Third Album Of A Band Called Adebisi Shank out on Sargent House on August 12th, is the closest the band have come to soundtracking a track on Mario Kart. The song is the sound of a thrill ride around the Mushroom Kingdom with a robot who is saying “World In Harmony” but it sounds like “Let the world ignore me.”

A chorus of voices rings through the track, it twists and turns. Its exuberant rush of energy narrowly managing to avoid the gaping edge of sound. Some people create songs on guitars, Adebisi pull songs out of their Japanese-influenced pop culture rainbow imaginations.

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