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Whenyoung’s favourite tracks at the moment

Whenyoung’s favourite tracks at the moment


London-based group Whenyoung made up of Limerick musicians Aoife Power (vocals/ bass), Niall Burns (guitar) and Andrew Flood (drums), made their debut with ‘Actor’ last year and have been shinning their sleek indie-pop aesthetic since with follow-on singles such as ‘Pretty Pure’ and ‘The Collector’. ‘Heaven On Earth’ which is the latest release from Whenyoung is out now. They picked out their favourite tracks at the moment.


Nilüfer Yanya – Baby Luv

Nilüfer Yanya - Baby Luv (Official Video)

This is a recent find for us and probably our favourite song of 2018 so far. The production on this track is really bare and focuses on Nilüfer’s rich, emotive vocals and beautiful songwriting. It’s subtly addictive.


Peace – From Under Liquid Glass

Peace - From Under Liquid Glass (Official Video)

We’re on tour with Peace at the moment and every time they play this song our hearts melt. The lyrics are really poignant and bittersweet with pure, soaring vocals to match. The crowds really engage with this one every night.


Matt Maltese – Greatest Comedian

Matt Maltese - Greatest Comedian [Official Video]

This is the epitome of cool. Matt has laid his tongue in cheek lyrics against the grooviest rhythm section and an extremely hooky melody. His album is out next month.


Iceage – The Day The Music Dies

Iceage - The Day the Music Dies

We’re huge Iceage fans and their new album Beyondless is probably our favourite yet. We love how the lyrics are clever ramblings over this massive multi-instrumental crescendo. We saw them about a year ago in London and we were blown away. Also Elias Ronnenfelt is the most handsome man in music. Fact.


Patti Smith – Redondo Beach

The vocals on this track are filled with emotion and personality. It’s the perfect example of Patti Smith’s strength as a storyteller in her songwriting. She is also collectively our hero.


Slow Riot – Betrayed

Slow Riot are good friends of ours from Limerick. This is the first release from their imminent debut album. It’s aggressive post punk with meaty guitars and Niall’s vocals carry the track along with a sense of urgency.


Antonio Vivaldi – Winter From The Four Seasons

Antonio Vivaldi - Winter (Full) - The Four Seasons

We’ve been listening to Vivaldi the past few days in the tour van. The intensity and staccato of the strings create a sinister feeling of danger which we like. It builds and builds until it reaches a point which gives you a panicked, maniacal feeling but by the end of the track you’re left with composure and resolve. It’s nice every once in awhile to shake up the era of the music you’re listening to by a few hundred years.


BLANc – Only One

Will White, a good friend of ours recently started this solo project. It’s a beautifully stripped back, emotional, heart-wrenching song.


Pauline Murray – Dream Sequence

Pauline Murray  - Dream Sequence 1 [Stereo]

We’ve been Pauline Murray fans for years, her voice is so honest and the music is melodic and raw. A couple of weeks ago we were lucky enough to get to write in Pauline and her husband Robert’s studio when we were on tour in Newcastle. They were both in the punk band Penetration.


Gun Club – Sex Beat

The Gun Club Sex Beat

This song is the perfect punk banger. The pictorial lyrics paint a grimy picture of the scene this band emerged from and we love music which sticks out as a marker of place and time. The vocals are delivered with such character and attitude, the music is exciting and it’s really melodic. You can’t not dance to it.


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