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Women of Notes series to celebrate Irish women in music

Women of Notes series to celebrate Irish women in music

Women of Notes/Mná na Notaí is a new photo and narrative series celebrating Irish female musicians launching on Saturday 5th March at Thirty Four Lennox Street in Dublin, to coincide with International Women’s Day 2016.

The year-long series, a collaboration between photographer Ruth Medjber and pop culture journalist Louise Bruton, will feature the likes of Mary Black, Lisa Hannigan, MayKay Fight Like Apes, SOAK, Heathers, sisters Loah and Feather, Sorcha Sleep Thieves, Saint Sister, Joni and Sinead White among others.

As explained by the pair, “each portrait is a creative expression of the artist’s personal style and individuality, meaning that every image featured in the exhibition has a different aesthetic. Their stories will be displayed alongside each portrait and detail their individual journeys, anecdotes and thoughts about the industry.”

Medjber says:

“We want people who come to Woman of Notes/ Mna ná Notaí to recognise that women working in the music industry are some of the most hard-working and creative people in Ireland. There is an ongoing dialogue about the absence of females in the creative arts: from female voices on air to festival line-up announcements and radio playlists. There is a noticeable absence of female musicians being celebrated at a professional level and we want to showcase the phenomenal women in the creative industries in Ireland.”

The series promises to feature radio presenters, DJs, promoters and women in behind the scenes roles, culminating in a large gallery exhibition in March 2017, which Ruth and Louise hope to tour Ireland and beyond.

Here are a few sneak peeks: