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Yenkee pens bittersweet love song ‘Lucy’ just in time for Valentine’s

Yenkee pens bittersweet love song ‘Lucy’ just in time for Valentine’s


Yenkee continues a fine vein of creative form on new single ‘Lucy’.

The Cork native established himself as a premier Irish artist last year with the release of the superb Cannibal Tree EP. For those initiated to the artist through that release, ‘Lucy’ picks up essentially where that project left off.

That is, ‘Lucy’ is another fine example of melancholy tinged bedroom pop. Sounds and production nuances which could be considered characteristic of the artist feature throughout the new single.

Take the plucked/arpeggiated acoustic pattern used throughout the verse sections. The pattern is interspersed, directly offset with funk/disco styled electronic guitar chord hits on the new single (heard clearly in the introduction section). Later, the electric rhythm part is used to introduce the chorus section, though it serves much the same function as it did on the ‘Cannibal Tree’ single – shaking up a meandering, dreamy verse section. This gives much of Yenkee’s material a sharpness, keeping the listener from potential glazing over.

Speaking of guitars, that the electric lead mirrors the vocal melody on the frantically ascending chorus part harkens back to similar motif on the verse/pre-chorus in ‘Would You Rather?’. Ditto to the duelling electronic/acoustic lead lines shared in the post-chorus breakdown on ‘Lucy’ and during the solo of ‘Cannibal Tree’. Two phenomena which help reinforce the melodic centre of Yenkee’s newest single, keeping the song nice and catchy.

So if ‘Lucy’ proves a point, its that Yenkee has carefully honed and polished a specific sound, one which the artist excels at creating. It’s also a damn fine song in its own right, be sure to keep an ear out for new material in the near future.