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YourCuzMarcus’ ‘Homecoming’ is a tribute to those who left Dublin & those who stayed

YourCuzMarcus’ ‘Homecoming’ is a tribute to those who left Dublin & those who stayed

Dublin singer-songwriter YourCuzMarcus debuted as Marcus with ‘Obey’, an idiosyncratic love song in 2020, a debut EP, and a song this year ‘I Think I’m Scum’ under his new moniker YourCuzMarcus.

‘I Think I’m Scum’ marked a reconnection phase that prompted Marcus to learn music production over 18 month period. The input from Richie Egan on some music helped too.

‘Homecoming’ is the artist’s new song out today, co-produced by Alex Borwick and featuring violinist Suzanne Vachet.

It’s a tribute to Dublin and the bittersweet experiences that many people have who have emigrated in search of a better life from here, while still wishing they could be more connected or live in Ireland.

“So many people I know have left Ireland. A few years ago I had a visa and one way flight booked to Australia but I never got on the plane. I guess that’s what this song is about. Growing up in Ireland can be bitter sweet, it’s a beautiful place with great people but it can be difficult to build a life here, rents are high and opportunities are limited. Homecoming’ is an ode to Dublin, for those who left and for those who stayed. I started making this beat at home and recorded the violins there as well, played by my friend Suzanne Vachet. I then sent it to Alex Borwick who added some production and mixed the track.”

The music video was shot on a camcorder over three days and edited by YourCuzMarcus himself.

YourCuzMarcus gig

YourCuzMarcus will be playing a headline show at The Sound House in Dublin on June 9th, 2023.

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