Of all the musically-challenged groups to appear over the last few years, The Horrors were perhaps one of the most offensive. Their cartoonish style and unfathomable NME support were laughable to me. This band were generally annoying. Even an attempt at reaching for greatness by working with Chris Cunningham on the video for ‘Sheena Was a Parasite’ came across as vapid.

So then, would someone like to explain to me, why exactly their new album Primary Colours is all kinds of awesome??? Sure, it channels Joy-Division and their post-punk contemporaries a little too closely but the drive and immersion evident is as impressive as fuck. They’ve gone from a joke to a band in my estimation. Nice work. Their superb 8 minute single ‘Sea Within a Sea’ should change your mind too..

Primary Colours is out on XL on May 8th.

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7 Responses to “Newsflash! The Horrors are good shocker”

  1. darragh

    It’s a good song but I don’t know if the new album is as utterly awesome as the Brit press say/wish it is. They’ve obviously been listening to a lot of Kraut Rock. Take away the singing and that song is Hallo Gallo by Neu!

  2. Niall

    Yeh but to their probably young target audience, they won’t be versed in Neu! so that doesn’t matter.

    I’m not versed in Neu! either.

  3. AstonishingSodApe

    This is the thing Niall, the kids know the square root of nuthin, so people can plagiarise whatever they want. Sickening. But this is very good, obvious similarities to Neu! aside.

    Prediction: This year’s NME “Godlike Genius” Award will go to Can.

    Primary Colours seems quite the thing but I’ve only heard it once.

    p.s. I saw plenty of secondary colours in the video, sloppy…

  4. fernando torresss

    They’ve lifted electricity by spiritualised for I can’t control myself aswell notamind neu!

  5. Mike

    yup, bit of a neu! rip-off there. which actually does matter nialler; unless that is youre not trying to create genuinely original art, but an average knock-off. and “unfathomable NME support”? it’s harldy unfathomable considering the glut of cack they foist on their poor readers on a weekly or monthly or whateverly basis? still though, point taken, theyre not all that bad at all really from what i now gather. no excuses for the haircuts though – christ almighty


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