Nialler9 Podcast #39:

In which I invent a new word, Aoife and I talk about Azealia Banks (that’s her above drawn by 400 Facts), why Grimes reminds me of Opus III, why Chairlift are great, Twitter fights with Zomby, Icelandic intentions and pronunciations, a load of brilliant Irish electronica and some Shangaan electro.

Azealia Banks Artwork by 400 FactsWallpaper.
Presenter: Aoife Mc of Right Click Radio 2XM and food blogger as I Can Has Cook?.

MP3: Nialler9 Podcast #39

Podcast #39 -Tracklisting

  1. AU‘Solid Gold’Solid Gold (The Leaf Label)
  2. Tanlines – ‘Brothers’ – Mixed Emotions (True Panther)
  3. Grimes – ‘Oblivion’ – Visions (4AD)
  4. Chairlift – ‘Ghost Tonight’ – Something (Young Turks)
  5. Azealia Banks – ‘NEEDSUMLUV’
  6. Daithí feat. Elaine Mai – ‘Carraroe’
  7. White Collar Boy – ‘Noah’ – Solar Midnight
  8. Benny Smiles‘Sunday Morning’
  9. Monto – ‘Green & Blue’
  10. Damu – ‘Breathless’ – Unity (Keysound)
  11. Samaris – ‘Hljóma þú’
  12. New Look – ‘Teen Need’ – New Look/a> (!K7)
  13. Tshestsha Boys – ‘Tshestsha’ – Youtube Top Hits (Nozinja Music)

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