Being the enormous Irish musical institution that it is, Electric Picnic plays host to the single largest gathering of Irish artists every year. These acts come from across the entirety of the spectrum, in terms of genre, style and recognition. Navigating your way through all the names can be a bit daunting, especially with so many new faces on this year’s lineup and the harrowing prospect of picking priorities among the international acts. As such, we wanted to present 10 Irish acts who get the Nialler9 recommendation. Dig in.

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10 new acts to see.
10 Irish acts to see
Experiences to have in Stradbally.

Just a note: there are plenty of acts we chose not to feature below as we have covered them extensively in the past and are ones that we would expect you to know if you’re paying attention to the Irish music scene like Fontaines D.C., Mango x Mathman, Le Boom, AE Mak, David Keenan, The Murder Capital, Sorcha Richardson, Katie Laffan, Paddy Hanna and so on. Consider that list a recommendation. This is a selection of just ten from a very healthy crop.


Elaine Mai

Elaine Mai’s vibrant and melodic electronic music marks her out as one of the standout Irish acts to catch at this year’s Electric Picnic. Her 2017 The Colour Of The Night EP was one of the strongest Irish short-form releases of that year. Focusing on crafting layered instrumentals, Mai’s tracks tend to build toward a centre point in which the dynamics and harmony reach an equilibrium state. Often favoured in the artist’s sound palette are lush string sounds, tinged with the suggestion of heartbreak in the otherwise ecstatic mix.

For all this layering Mai’s music never lacks in dimensional depth, be that sonically or artistically. Repeated listens offer something new to attentive ears. Playing at the Trailer Park, Mai’s set will be a fantastic opportunity to bust a move at one of EP’s most renowned stages.



Softboy Records founder and rapper Kojaque is headlining the Other Voice stage on Saturday night and if the thought of hearing tracks like ‘Last Pint’ and ‘Date Night’ to a rowdy crowd in that tiny tent doesn’t get your heart pumping then maybe you should sit this one out.

Irish hip-hop’s golden boy has a stellar reputation for bringing a physicality and a considered intensity to his live performances. Blending live instrumentation with the typical DJ/MC combination, Kojaque’s Saturday night set has the potential to be something much more than the sum of its parts.


Junior Brother

Ronan Kealy, performing under the name Junior Brother, writes and performs visceral folky takes on the nuances of country life. His most recent release, ‘Hungover At Mass’ is a hybrid of comedy and tragedy and an excellent reminder of how closely related the two are.

Accompanied only by his acoustic guitar and a tambourine, there’s something revitalising in the sharp twang of Junior Brother’s strong accent. His lyrics too embody the old romantic ideal of the Irish storyteller, only with the subject matter hijacked to suit the observations of a writer who suffers no fools pretensions.



Looking at the lineup for the Body&Soul main stage the keen eye is drawn toward Daithí’s Sunday late-night headline set. Fresh from the release of his ‘Take The Wheel’ doubling single release, the artists’ best material to date, it’s easy to imagine his performance will draw crowds from tired but eager music fans of all descriptions from across the country, especially as it’s a show that has been recalibrated with a full live band, vocals from Sinead White and other regular collaborators.

Everyone knows the B&S area is the place to be on the Sunday night, to be there celebrating some of the best music the country has to offer is the sort of potential golden moment only a festival like Electric Picnic can provide. Be there.



Signed to District’s label, FYNCH is a Dublin-based hip-hop artist with a distinct underground flavouring. His 2018 MIXVAPE project showcases a lyrical artist with an ear for cadence and a mind filled with idiosyncratic bon-mots. From an instrumental perspective FYNCH’s work is based on a underground lo-fi vibe, full of murky drum loops and wet piano sounds.

Playing the Play The Picnic stage, his performance is bound to offer a slightly more three dimensional alternative to the litany of guitar bands laying siege to that stage over the weekend.


Beauty Sleep

Belfast natives Beauty Sleep bring their dreamy brand of pop music to Stradbally this weekend. The trio formed over a couple of G&T’s at a house party and still retain a party positivity in their music to this day. Check out ‘The Feeling Back’ and try not to smile. The trio share an easy vocal chemistry, with the fluorescent hook dancing over the upbeat guitar stabs. It’s all a bit glittery and that’s exactly what you need when it drops below three degrees and you can’t feel your legs anymore.



SPICEBAG know how to throw . a party. An LGBTQ+ collective that throw nights featuring queer performances and a whole a lot of dancing. Expect drag, spoken word, visual art and to have a whopper time. Everybody loves a good party. Spicebag happens in the Body&Soul area this Saturday night from 10:30pm as part of Fat Puppy, stay tuned for exact times.


Happy Alone

Definitely, one of the most unique sounds finding itself on our list, Happy Alone’s idiosyncratic alternative pop sound is both memorable and expressive. Their track ‘Bodybags’ is punchy and ambitious, channelling a serious trip-hop vibe. The trio certainly has an air of strangeness around them, crediting themselves as Baxter Robot, Slee and Paperclip on social media. Thankfully the music backs up the image with plenty of substance.

Baxter Robot’s vocal performances are airy and evocative, usually accompanied with a healthy dose of auto-tune and reverb. With plenty of welly courtesy of some well-programmed drums and a collective penchant for heavy bass sounds, Happy Alone’s set is one to keep an eye out for.


The Girl Talk

Playing the Play The Picnic stage are Dublin-based indie-rock quartet The Girl Talk. Their most recent single ‘When I Know’ is proof that reinventing the wheel doesn’t always have to be the end goal of every new band’s early material. The track takes elements from dream pop, indie rock and post-punk and combines them together cleverly.

The Girl Talk get all the basics right, smart songwriting and effective hooks, more than most new bands do. Experimentation and evolution will come naturally in time, for now, be excited to go see four talented musicians and songwriters perform in such an intimate setting.


No Place Like Drone

No Place Like Drone curate and perform collections of ambient music ranging from the classic 90s sound to a more modern soundscape. For those of you who’ll be looking to take a break from the more manic installations on offer this weekend in Stradbally, this will be the perfect event for you. Expect heady and intricate sounds layered atop one another in the evening dusk. Take a moment to stop singing the melody from ‘Neutron Dance’ and allow your mind to to wander, courtesy of No Place Like Drone.

Posted on August 28th, 2018


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Once Upon a Time Back West returns to Galway this February 8th-11th. The festival will feature music, comedy and club culture across four venues in Galway’s West End.

Line up includes:

Thursday 8th February

Le Boom @ Róisín Dubh (Free)
Oisa D’Preto Massino @ Massimo (Free)

Friday 9th February

Daithí, Slow Place Like Home, Elaine Mai, Paddy Hanna @ Róisin Dubh (Free)

Glenn Wool, Karl Spain @ Róisin Dublin – Upstairs
Rowdy Brothers @ Massino (Free)
Mix and Fairbanks @ The Blue Note (Free)

Saturday 10th February

Franz Ferdinand@ Leisureland
Andy Zaltzman @ Róisin Dubh
110th Street @ The Blue Note (Free)
DJ Mac @ Massimo (Free)

Sunday 11th February

Sing Along Social @ Róisín Dubh (Free)
John Conneely Inc. @ Róisin Dubh
The Blue Notes @ The Blue Note (Free)
Jade and The Goodies @ Massimo (Free)

Posted on January 24th, 2018


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This is only a selection of new music – dig into more or follow the Spotify playlists.


Tribal Dance – Flongo

Math rock makes a return to the Irish music scene! Tribal Dance reminds me of all the Richter Collective gigs, the music of Not Squares and Cap Pas Cap that had a big hold on what was going on in the country 10 years ago. ‘Flongo’ is this Dublin trio’s debut single and features the rhythmic tautness of early Foals with a bassline in a rush to the finish.


Ye Vagabonds – Go Where You Will

Carlow brothers Brían and Diarmuid Mac Gloinn have spent the last few years growing their audience via support slots with Glen Hansard, Villagers, Roy Harper and Lisa Hannigan. Their debut self-titled album was released last Friday and features this gorgeous resonant lilt.


Beauty Sleep – ‘Until We See The Sun’

Belfast dream-pop trio take things up a notch with an indie-disco track that for the second time this week, harks back to indie of another era, this time when Kitsuné reigned the blogosphere.


New Portals – Sober

Ruth and Michael Aicken are a Belfast couple who know how to write a catchy tune. On Sober, they take inspiration from the Sober For October campaign (Ocsober surely?) which advocates abstaining from alcohol for the month and the song is a celebration of the opposite of most pop songs in that regard.


GaniyuTLG x Plant Food feat. Skilyt- ‘Nandos’

The rapper and producer team up again after their excellent ‘Shivers’. Like the chicken restaurant of the title, this is a grimey and experimental joint. Wait, what?


JyellowL – ‘Bulletproof’

The Word Up Collective artist JYellowL impressed with ‘Cold In The Summer’ but ‘Bulletproof’ shows a new artist developing with even more confidence. It’s taken from his new EP launched on Friday.

“The song is a testimony of my own life experiences. Where I’ve shown tenacity and resilience in my everyday struggles and experiences. The EP is intended to inspire strength of will – an attribute I pride myself on. My experiences are a testament to the fact that we will all face hard times, failure and mockery but the way to get through those times is to adopt an bulletproof mentality. It’s not just music, it’s a mindset”.


Laura Ann Brady – Lie

The zither and autoharp-playing musician follows up her tempestuous single Masterpiece with a brighter and beguiling track.


Badhands – ‘Waves’

The solo project of Dan Fitzpatrick came about after the absolution of The Mighty Stef Band last year. Fitzpatrick was previously a member of the Last Tycoons. An album, Predictable Boy is in the can with inspirations drawn from Nick Cave, Arcade Fire, Villagers and Leonard Cohen.

The album’s first single ‘Waves’ is a flourishing folk tribute that is inspired by the experience when Dan and brother Jamie swam out to sea to scatter their father’s ashes near their family home in Glastule. Next gig? Workman’s Club on November 11th.


Elaine Mai – When I Go

A new video from Paul Mahon from the Mayo artist’s recent EP arrived the same week Elaine Mai headlined the Workman’s Club. Of the video Elaine says – “This video was shot at a lake about a ten minute walk from where I grew up in Mayo. It’s an amazing place to get some perspective, reconnect with nature and clear your head. It was the perfect place to shoot the video for this track which is about recognising when you’re not okay and then trying to take the steps to make things better.”


Proper Micro NV – Oblivious

Rory Hall continues his neo-soul electronic journey with a track from his recent EP Colours. I’m looking forward to hearing where this Limerick singer and musician goes next.

New Irish Music Spotify Playlist

Check out the regularly updated Spotify playlists.

Posted on October 23rd, 2017

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Elaine’s Mai’s first EP in three years, The Colour of the Night is being described by its author as “a cathartic piece of work which centres around the common human experiences of grief and hope.”

Elaine says:

‘This EP is a snapshot of the last few years for me and each song reflects a different aspect of how I was feeling during this time. Enniscrone is dedicated to my cousin, who passed away in 2014 and it’s a celebration of all the amazing times we had as kids in the Sligo seaside town it’s named after. The Colour of the Night is about grief in it’s many forms and the melody and movement in the strings are a musical representation of the journey from sorrow and despair to acceptance and hope.

Pairing these very human emotions with electronic productions like ‘When I Go’ and guests like Temper-Mental MissElayneous on ‘Praise In The Cliché’ was a way of addressing those complex feelings and in the process, Elaine Mai is sharing a strong five-track extended player with the rest of us.

Upcoming Elaine Mai gigs:

26 May – Shindig, Letterkenny, Donegal
23 – 25 June – Body and Soul Festival, Westmeath
30 July – Galway Arts Festival – JFDR support

Posted on May 19th, 2017


Daithí’s new EP Holiday Home features 5 tracks of electronic pop constructed with elements drawn from the real world. Recorded sounds of the west of Ireland, the songs of motion and colour were made in the far flung parts of the country. Hooking up with Sinead White on two tracks and Elaine Mai on another, Holiday Home makes a case for a rural Irish dance pop that stands tall on the world stage. Uundeniably Irish, but modern at the same time,” as Daithí puts it, via the track-by-track below.


At the start of 2016 I bought a field recorder and started recording the sounds of the west of Ireland in an attempt to build a library of samples completely unique to me. I started renting out houses along the coast for weeks at a time, bringing a make-shift studio with me to islands like Achill and Valentia. Once I had some music together, I brought some of my favourite vocalists out to the west, away from the pressure of the normal recording studio environment. The result is Holiday Home, a 5 track EP built completely in the west, using sounds from the west. Every sample has a backstory, every sound has meaning.

Falling For You

Falling For You was one of the first tracks I wrote using my own natural samples. The sea sound is from Inch beach in Cork, the bell sounds are cut up samples from a wind chime I found in an Airbnb in Achill. Sinead recorded these vocals on Valentia with me, and I think it’s my favourite vocal I’ve ever worked on. It’s so undeniably Irish, but feels modern at the same time, which is kind of my buzz.


Sinead and I wrote this song inspired by old Irish TV dramas from the 80s and 90s. True to the people of Ireland at the time, the characters in these shows all seem to have a hard time expressing their feelings, and we wanted to write a song that imagined what was going on in their heads, while they stumbled through talking to their love interest.

Holiday Home

I do a lot of driving late at night after playing shows, and driving home to Co. Clare feels very solitary. There’s something interesting about playing to a room full of people, and then suddenly being completely alone in the middle of nowhere, with only your thoughts and some tunes to keep you company. This track is inspired by that feeling. The main rhythm is a recording of an 11 year old bodhran player who won the all Ireland feadh in the 90s.


I have been playing versions of the Coral Sean Nos vocal sample in my live show for years now, but was never happy with how it sounded with normal modern dance samples. All of the bell sounds in this track come from a steel lamp that has been in my studios since I started writing music, so it seemed fitting to use it in this track.

Wrap Up Tight

Elaine and I have written music together for years now, she’s one of my all time favourite people. We wrote the song about the Irish way of dealing with something upsetting; Joking about it, hiding our feelings, and avoiding the confrontation. A friend of ours had a brother who was leaving for a tour abroad in the army, and that featured heavily as part of the inspiration. The song was written in Valentia, and at the start you can hear an old recording of whale song I found, recorded off the coast of the island.

Posted on April 28th, 2017

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Elaine Mai follows up her nostalgic summer haze track from last year – ‘Enniscrone’ with ‘The Colour Of The Night’, the lead track off the EP off the same name.

The track is a song about personal grief shaded through an elegiac electronic production that offers light in the dark through strings and voice.

Elaine says:

‘Over the last few years, I have encountered close personal grief for the first time and this track is about that experience. The melody and movement in the strings are a musical representation of the journey from sorrow and despair to acceptance and hope. Although the person you loved is gone, there is joy in their memory, solace in the time that was shared together and ‘The Colour of the Night’ captures that for me.’

The song is out tomorrow digitally.

Upcoming gigs

Dolans, Limerick // 22nd April // Talos support
The Workman’s, Dublin // 5th May // EP launch
Roísin Dubh, Galway // 6th May // EP launch
Body and Soul festival, Westmeath // 23rd – 25th June

Posted on April 20th, 2017


Elaine Mai follows up her recent ‘Enniscrone’ single with a new song that is a remix of a song first premiered here.

Liza Flume’s ‘Sheets’ is a sparse song that the now London-based Aussie released in late 2015.

That minimal song is used as a foundation for Mai’s remix, and via a video by Bob Gallagher which tracks the disintegrating relationship of two people between the sheets.

Elaine says ‘From the first time I heard Liza sing, I knew I wanted to work with her one day. I adored ‘Sheets’ when I heard it, and wanted to add another dimension to the vocal and emphasise the pain and loss in the track. I spoke to Bob about the possibility of doing a video and I was delighted when he came on board. He added another chapter to the story and all three of us are really happy with the end product, it’s something we’re very proud of’.

Elaine plays this years Body and Soul Festival at Ballinlough Castle, Clonmellon, Co. Westmeath on the Summer Solstice Weekend, June 23rd-25th 2017

Posted on March 20th, 2017

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Irish singer, producer and musician Elaine Mai hasn’t released much music in her own name since 2014 but there’s been remixes and collaborations to delve into and Mai also wrote and produced the music for a play by Vickey Curtis for the Fringe Festival called Finem Respice.

Now, Mai is back with some new music in her own name from a forthcoming EP called The Colour Of The Night out in 2017.

‘Enniscrone’ is a warm and escapist electronic instrumental, named after the Sligo seaside town where Mai would spend her childhood summers. The track is a suitably hazy and positive mood to match the title – “the feeling of being young and not having a care in the world.”

Watch a suitably summery video by Paul Mahon right now:

Upcoming dates:
Roisin Dubh, Galway / New Year’s Eve party / 31st December

Posted on November 25th, 2016


Whether it’s anti-Muslim sentiment on Facebook, a terrorist attack on a music venue, or yet another over-reported Donald Trump quote, the world can feel like a hopeless place. It can be hard to counteract the hate and division happening in the world.

Le Galaxie, decided to do something positive and send it out into the world. Namely, recording a version of Friendly Fires’ ‘Paris’ with vocals from Elaine Mai.

The band say:

The internet is a miserable place right now. Understandably. Good people feel compelled to disseminate displays of ignorance and bigotry to shame, highlight and challenge it. We need to confront it all. But it’s hard on your outlook, it’s hard on your hope and hard on your faith in human beings. So we had a idea: take Friendly Fires’ banger about Paris, a city that ALL people deserve to love and explore, and Le Galaxie it. We wanted to take a tune we loved and make our own romantic, emotional and optimistic version with a big help from the one and only Elaine Mai. Nous espérons que vous apprécierez xx

Le Galaxie have some shows coming up and all are on sale now:

27th December – Dolans Warehouse, Limerick
28th December – Cypus Avenue, Cork
29th December – Tricky’s Mc Garrigles, Sligo
30th December – Roisin Dubh, Galway
31st December – NYF Street Fest, Dublin @ St. Stephen’s Green w/ All Tvvins, Wyvern Lingo & Otherkin

Posted on December 11th, 2015

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The FMC Tour is kicking off this week around Ireland this week and across the month in Cork, Limerick, Galway, Kilkenny, Dundalk, Dublin and Belfast.

The three main bands on the tour are Fight Like Apes, Kid Karate and Sleep Thieves and each stop on the tour not only will you get to see these three bands for a reasonable price but there’ll be local support too as well as masterclasses for bands during the day. I’ve got a special Elaine Mai remix of Sleep Thieves’ track ‘High’ from their recent You Want The Night LP to listen to as well as a pair of tickets to the gig of your choosing on the tour. Enter by leaving a comment below with your gig of preference and I’ll pick a winner for each tomorrow. Full dates below.

Limerick:  November 6th
Fight Like Apes (HL)
Kid Karate
Sleep Thieves

Galway: November 7th
Kid Karate (HL)
Fight Like Apes
Sleep Thieves

Cork:November 8th
Sleep Thieves (HL)
Kid Karate
Fight Like Apes
Neon Atlas: 

Dundalk: November 13th
Fight Like Apes (HL)
Sleep Thieves
Kid Karate
Youth Mass 

Kilkenny: November 14th
Sleep Thieves (HL)
Fight Like Apes
Kid Karate
Imploded View

Dublin:  November 15th
Kid Karate (HL)
Sleep Thieves
Fight Like Apes
Plutonic Dust

Posted on November 5th, 2014


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Hard Working Class Heroes today unveiled 100+ artists who will play the festival’s 12th year in Dublin from Thursday October 2nd – Sunday October 4th. This year the festival is sponsored by HMV Ireland and as is now established will feature a conference taking in mentoring, panels, advice and involvement from the tech space.

500 bands applied for the festival this year and they were judged by music people at home and abroad (including me).

Here is the list of bands that will play this year. Deeper delving into the lineup will commence here in September.

The bands

A Lazarus Soul
Benny smiles
Brian Casey
Buffalo Sunn
Buffalo Woman
Carried By Waves
Ciaran Lavery
Cloud Castle Lake
Color Sound
Columbia Mills
Conor Walsh
Deaf Joe
Dear Desert
Death In The Sickroom
DVO Marvell
Eamon bode
Elaine Mai
Elastic Sleep
Eoin Dolan
Fallen Rule
Floor Staff
Florence Olivier
Frankenstein Bolts
Ghost Estates
God Knows + mynameisjOhn
Hare Squead
His New Atlas
Hugh Hick
I have a tribe
I’m Your Vinyl
Imploded View
Jet Setter
little xs for eyes
Liza Flume
Low Sea
Maija Sofia
Maud in Cahoots
Me & My Dog
Me Auld Flower
Mere Moths
Myles Manley
Neon Atlas
Old Hannah
Paddy Hanna
Planet Parade
Red Queen Contest
Satori Je
Sleep Mc Evox
Tell No Foxx
The Academic
The Bedroom
The Black Sea Fleet
The Boxing Plot
The Clameens
The Debutantes
The Hard Ground
The Late David Turpin
The Loafing Heroes
The Magpies
The Pale
The Run Ons
The Shaker Hymn
The Statics
The Vincent(s)
Tino Ras
Val Normal
Vann Music
Walpurgis Family
Wild Promises
Yes Cadets


The Button Factory, The Workmans Club, The Mercantile, The Twisted Pepper, Bad Bobs, The Grand Social, Meeting House Square.


Weekend Tickets €45 + fees, Nightly Tickets €20

HWCH is also supported by The Arts Council, Failte Ireland, Enterprise Ireland and the NDRC.

Posted on August 13th, 2014


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Elaine Mai is giving her new four-track EP away for free from today, citing musical progression as one of the reasons she wants more people to hear and download it. Mai’s music has become more dance-orientated and has featured more electronic production (as has her remix work) in recent times and you can hear that progression in the four tracks below, including previously-shared track ‘EDC’.

“I’m really excited to be finally getting this EP out there. It’s been in the works for quite a while and I’m delighted to be able to share it with you all. This time around, I’ve decided to give away the EP for free and there’s a few reasons for that.

Firstly, I am so lucky to have been able to work with some extremely talented and generous friends while making this EP so it didn’t cost me a fortune to make. Secondly, my music has changed considerably since my first EP so I would like as many people to hear it as possible. So please… have a listen, download if you like and share it around. I would only ask one thing of you if you do. Go and check out another artist, give them a listen and maybe a download. There is a such wealth of talent out there, and making music and getting it to the people you want to listen to it does not come cheap. Every penny makes a huge difference to the artist and allows us to keep doing what we’re doing.

Posted on April 23rd, 2014



Elaine Mai’s ‘EDC’ is a sweet aural dedication to a partner so it makes sense then for the video, made by Bob Gallagher to focus on that human bond. It’s not necessarily about romantic lovers, as the people featured in the video range from those who are that level of relationship, to family, to close friends, old friends and man’s best friend.

All proceeds from the download of ‘EDC’ to be donated to Marriage Equality.

Elaine and Bob told Elaine Buckley some of the background of the video too:

Q: What inspired the concept for the video? They lyrics obviously lend themselves very well to it – but, was their something from ‘the wider world’ that triggered the idea?

Bob: Elaine had initially approached me looking to do the EDC video and the brief was to do something simple, and she had come up with the idea of having couples write thoughts on a board for the camera. After talking about it a bit we broadened it out to be about relationships where the people involved weren’t necessarily couples, but people who were important to each other, and who would have a degree of intimacy in their interactions. The boards then became more of a reveal for what each relationship was, and the idea would be that the interactions would keep you guessing. To me the song is a very sincere and honest declaration of love, and having someone important in your life, and I think people find that love or that comfort in all different types of relationships.

Elaine M: The song itself is about relationships, the value of them, the people in our lives and what they mean to us, so I wanted to make a video that echoed this and I think Bob really hit the nail on the head. In terms of the wider world, I think nowadays we can be so busy and caught up that it’s easy to forget how amazing it is to have someone important to us in our lives, to meet up with or come home to. I think the video manages to capture intimate moments between people who clearly mean a lot to each other. It’s feel good and I think we can always do with a bit of that.

Q: Personally, I love the simplicity of the video – a battered old couch, a backdrop of fairy lights, handwritten messages on blackboards. In an age of constant connectivity it’s refreshing to see a ‘back to basics’ example of people interacting & sharing stories face-to-face – less is definitely more. Is this something that you think is important?

Bob: I think physical interaction is very important in all relationships. Since a lot of our day to day communication now can be quite removed and disconnected, seeing that physical interaction in motion makes you consider the importance of it that little bit more. The decision to shoot at 100 frames a second was to try and capture as much as possible of the fleeting, complex communication going on underneath every conversation. With people who have an intimate relationship there’s an awful lot of communication that’s done through body language, looks and gestures, the kinds of things you need to watch closely to really appreciate the significance of. When you’re the ones in the relationship of course you’ve established your own codes and you know how to read each others signals very instinctively, but as an observer you need to pay more attention to really read the situation. The video has a back to basics approach in the sense that there’s a simplicity to having two people talking face to face, but I also think that even in the digital age, the empathy you see in real life interaction is still the most sophisticated form of communication we have.

Posted on February 11th, 2014

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