The second album from Wicklow band Enemies is the sound of musicians moving further away from the obvious with aplomb.

Where Enemies‘ first album, the Richter Collective-released We’ve Been Talking revelled in melodic instrumental rock and was definable by those parameters, Embark, Embrace is notable for the way in which the songs are less predictable than before. The muted melodic vocals from Conor Adams of The Cast Of Cheers on ‘Executive Cut’, the shimmer gauze on ‘Coral Castle’, the ambient bleeps aided by Heathers’ choral vocals on ‘Nighthawks’, the jaunty xylophone-sound of ‘Moesha’, the unfurling gentle build of ‘North West’ with Croupier’s Oisin Murphy on singing duties and the guitar-funk of ‘Indian Summer’ add previously unheard qualities to their music. Yet Embark, Embrace features the things that are recognisable as Enemies: a emphasis on melody regardless of instrumental focus underpinned by distorted and expressive guitars and drum rhythms. The album is a recalibration of the appeal of the band. Listen:

Embark, Embrace is out on May 10th on Heavyweight Records. Buy it at enemies.bigcartel.com/

Album Artwork by Mark O’Brien:

Track List

01. Intro
02. Executive Cut (feat. Conor Adams of The Cast Of Cheers)
03. Unit Shifter
04. Beacher
05. Indian Summer
06. Coral Castle
07. Nighthawks (feat. Heathers)
08. Moesha
09. Love Unlimited
10. Northwest (feat. Oisín Murphy of Croupier)

Tour Dates

May 16th – Roisin Dubh – Galway
(Free show – Free tickets online before may 15th, €10 after)
May 18th – The Paviliion – Cork – €5 on the door
May 23rd – The Speakeasy – Belfast – Free Show
May 25th – The Button Factory – €10

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11 Responses to “Album premiere: Enemies – Embark, Embrace”

  1. Jessica

    This is shit.

    Sounds like they’re still wanking over Redneck Manifesto/Connect Four Orchestra records. So 10 years ago.

    • Brittany

      You must be queen of the hipsters. Keep your negi 1337sauce comments to yourself and enjoy it.

    • Morgan Laming

      Im guessing you already knew that you didn’t like Enemies when you pressed play on any of the songs above……..So I guess my only real question is why did you come here?

      Is it that your friends are sick of listening to your tired opinions on how “the music you like is the pinnacle of creativity” and any disagreement results in a well rehearsed 30 minute speech on why you couldnt possibly be wrong?

      your comment is not a critique, it is a meaningless stab designed only to support the illusion you have that a single person gives a shit about what you have to say about anything. You have the right to an opinion…but not to be a prick when expressing it.

      So back under your bridge please,
      Ill see you in the comments of the next Enemies release I’m sure..

    • Jamal

      You can clearly see here that you are name dropping Redneck and Connect Four to give off some sort of ridiculous idea that you are a hip kid. Well done you know a few bands but neither Redneck or Connect Four sound anything like this. Enemies have knocked one out of the park with this one, literally embrace it. This is quite embarrassing for you. Take a bow and walk off the stage of shite talk.

    • Carey

      Wow, what an incredibly mean spirited thing to say. Maybe some day you’ll realize how much work goes into making an album like this. Who cares if it sounds like it’s been done before? When it comes down to it, eventually anything you can make will sound like it’s been done before by someone. The fact is, these are great guys who make great music and you couldn’t even come close to writing / producing music on their level. I’m pretty sure they’re friends with Redneck Manifesto. They were both part of Richter Collective, after all.

  2. Lou

    Lads, it sounds just lovely. Imma climb out on my roof with my mac and cheese and blast it for the neighbours x

  3. Dolan

    Absolutely brilliant m8s! I’ve listened to it at least 8 times through today, I love it more and more each time!

  4. Luca

    This is awesome guys. I’ve been following you since you released the Alpha Waves EP and, ever since then, you have kept making amazing music and I have kept listening to it. Way to go guys. You’re amazing!


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