I was away in Austin when the awards took place so I just want to extend a huge thanks to Damien Mulley and all those listed here for all that the Irish Blog Awards has brought all those nominated, shortlisted, judged attended or won. It won’t be the same without Damien and Rick if it keeps going next year.

Also, a humble thank you and “you really shouldn’t have” to the judges who deemed my blog the Best Irish Music Blog for the fifth year in a row. Aoife gratefully accepted the award in Belfast on the night and I thank her for her work on the podcast (new one coming this week). Also, special shoutout to all the other winners (particularly Dylan Haskins as I built his site for him) plus my fellow blog nominees: Harmless Noise, 2UIBestow, Stuart Bailie, State (not a blog really) and every other passionate Irish music blog out there. We’re lucky we have a lot and they’re pretty much all listed in the Links on the sidebar. I like to think that we all impact other’s taste in our own way.

Next year, if there is one, I’ll hopefully sponsor this category and take myself out of the running – I don’t want to win another one NOT because I think I’m better than everyone else. Five in a row is amazing and pretty incredulous, and although nine in a row is tempting, I think I’ve won enough. Cheers!

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The impressive mantelpiece round our house after the Choice Prize and Blog Award wins.

Super fun times last night at the 3rd annual blog awards where I won Best Music Blog for the second year running. I’ve come to realise I’m quite a humble fellah so I didn’t think it would happen. Luckily, the backlash has yet to set in! Major props to Aoife who was also nominated in the Music category and who I FORGOT TO THANK for being the voice of the nialler9 Podcast. Gah! Soz love but at least your gun is tres cool! Also Johnny from for sponsoring the award. I must echo last night’s sentiments about diversity in the Irish blogosphere, there are now so many blogs around each category that I was unaware of many of them. I’m particularly impressed by the Food blogs who are doing great (and mouthwatering) things with the medium like Little Bird Eats and The Humble Housewife, both who I met last night and were lovely.

Also allow me to give some shoutouts (hold your breath) to : Ailbhe (and her fancy attire) and Bren from Analogue, Darragh, Loreana, John Cav and Ronan, Andy, Phil, Annie, the brilliant Sweary (who remains robbed of an award as yet), blogging overlord Twenty Major, Una, Shinpads (three in a year, well done!), Rick (sterling work sir), Derek, Shane Hegarty, Cillian, Stuart Bailie (who was telling me about the Oh Yeah Centre in Belfast), Ken Stanley, Ken McGuire, Ray, Sabrina, Stu, Eolaí (superb to meet him), Manuel, Eddie, Rymus and his sneaky camera, Lili, Corina, Kieran, Suzy, Colm and all the others I met who I can’t remember, sorry but do leave a comment if you see this.

It was smiles all round and everyone was ridiculously nice so I think we need to instigate a blog war for next year to replace the back-slapping with some back-stabbing. Or maybe not. Also, I’d like to see more music bloggers there next year so I can finally meet them: You know who you are..

Absolutely reserved, special thanks and praise to Damien and the Awards team for the superb superb organisation. Damien, I meant to buy you a drink but you were swamped with gin and tequila so hope you survived that!

Full list of winners below:

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Rick leaks the longlist….

I Prefer the Obscure Mix
Kilkenny Music
On the Record

Indie Limerick
Key Notes
The Indie Hour
Matt Vinyl
Music Road

The Red Scrapbook Test Industries
Off the Rocker
Sinead Gleeson
MP3 Hugger

Una Rocks
The Torture Garden
House is a Feeling
Stuart Bailie

Donal O’Caoimh
Digital Sole
French Letter
Cubik Musik
Asleep on the Compost Heap

Wow, 26 music blogs and that’s without Hi-Fi Popcorn, GraveyardShiftShane, Circle, Square Triangle, Thrill Pier, Soundtracks for Them, Weareie and more. Good luck to everyone and respect and patience to the judges.

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Blog Irish Blog Awards

Nominations are open >>

I’d appreciate a vote or two ;)

A couple of rules and changes from last year:

  1. You do not have to fill in the form for every category. Just the ones you think you have a suitable blog for.
  2. There are two judging rounds this year, so every nominated blog will be judged. No public vote means it is about quality, not the number of people who like a blog.
  3. Any nomination that nominates a blog for every category will be treated as spam and that nomination will be deleted.
  4. Please note that a blog can only be nominated for Best Blog and one other category excluding Best Blog Post.

This site was nominated for Best Blog, Best Designed Blog and won Best Music Blog last year but an explosion in Irish music blogs this year means there is plenty of healthy competition :)

Big up to the Mulley-meister and his associates for running the awards.

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