Why is there a Two Door Cinema Club covers band playing Dublin, Belfast & Galway?

That’s a question you may have had if you saw events for Tudor Cinema Club around Ireland for next week.

A covers band? For an act with two albums? Something smells fishy…

As you may know “Tudor Cinema Club” is the name of a cinema in Bangor that the band got their name from.

With Two Door Cinema Club having been announced for Glastonbury this morning and the promise of new material forthcoming, It’s a very good bet that these sets are likely covert sets from the band as opposed to a cover band but there’s only one way to find out right? Go along on the night.

“Tudor Cinema Club” play Rosin Dubh, Galway on April 10th (€8), Whelan’s, Dublin on April 11th (€9.30) and the Limelight, Belfast on April 12th (£6).


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