“Baby let’s abbreviate tonight… “

Now that LOL and OMG are in the English dictionary song-writers can feel free to use them in their compositions right? Well, no. Modern audiences don’t want songs made up of slang words, it’s gimmicky. It was cringeworthy when Britney Spears did it, when Brittney Cleary did it with ‘I.M. Me’ and even Usher had the good sense not to actually say OMG and there’s been others (comments please). But that didn’t stop Mayo band Nineguage using as many internet slang /chatspeak words as they could in their song ‘LOL’.

‘LOL’ contains the following lyrics:

“I feel the buzz when I get your text / See you l8r xox”
“LOL / Laugh Out Loud and dance like hell / Cos OMG / The night is young and so are we / WTF? / Shake your body to the left and right / Baby let’s abbreviate tonight… ”
“During the week it’s like FML / When I’m not with you honey I’m in hell..”


Perhaps the most surreal thing I’ve ever heard on the radio never mind Liveline. Former Minister of Defence and Limerick TD Willie O’Dea defends the Rubberbandits’ ‘Horse Outside’ against a disgruntled caller and actually says the line “It portrays me as selling hash, and swearing on my tache that it’s good hash” from the Bandits song about him. At one point someone says “what is a bag of yokes?”. Then Blindboy Boat Club from Rubberbandits comes on the line to explain subtext in art. RADIO GOLD!

Caller: “It’s an absolute joke.”
Blindboy Rubberbandits: “Exactly, it’s an absolute joke, you put it well there yourself kid.”

Photo via Newswhip.

Posted on December 15th, 2010




It begins with a long car journey prelude. Our intrepid protaganist is led down an elaborate electronic-soundtrack rabbit hole. For over 60 minutes, we are treated to an iamamiwhoami (or is it Bounty now) concert / film / performance art piece. You’ve never seen anything truly like this. It’s a brilliant execution.

You have to applaud Jonna Lee and whomever else is involved in the project for sticking to what must have been the plan all along. After all, it was the audience and people like myself who called it a viral video series. To them, it was a slow unravelling and reveal of an artist.

Watch at (Stream was only up for 6 hours)

You can now buy the audio from iTunes. Videos up on Youtube still.

Check this Facebook page or this fansite for more links

Posted on November 16th, 2010



The saga continues.. WU TANG WU TANG..

Oops. Wrong saga. Anyway, it seems this iamamiwhoami project with Jonna Lee and friends is finally ready to admit itself to us as there’ll be a live concert broadcast on the 16th as per this site. The video above is your usual death and rebirth theme. Either way, iamamiwhoami has long lost its virilitiy (& virality?) but there are the makings of some good tunes (like the one in part 12) there so can we please end this long overdue charade?


Posted on November 4th, 2010



This is a must listen:

DJA & Dirty South Joe are Blood Bros and they have made this amazing mixtape of ’80s action movie songs and dialogue. It features classics like ‘Eye of The Tiger’ (Rocky III), ‘The Final Countdown’ , The Glory of Love’ (Karate Kid 2) and songs from the other Rocky movies, Bloodsport, Transformers, The Last Dragon and Kickboxer. Epic ’80s histrionics all the way through.

The mix is 100% designed to follow the course of a film, starting with Training, moving on to the Fight….then finally, celebrating the triumph over the rival.

There will be a sequel…Get pumped..


Posted on October 7th, 2010