His name is Tom O’ Connor. This tune seems to a cover of Dizzy D’s ‘How I Feel Bout Ya’ (listen here in the songs), “apparently” an Irish hip-hop classic. This version is about 1001% better though as it’s autotuned beyond belief and the video is a reminder of why we shouldn’t put photos on the internet.

Update: To clarify, Tom O’ Connor didn’t upload this video. Someone else did as a joke. The tune is really from Dizzy D though.

Don’t give up the day job (video number 1 below) Tom aka Mr. Hip-Hop. Seriously, see after the jump. Thanks to the Rubberbandits for the tip. (more…)

Posted on September 17th, 2009




spodIn which we sample a couple more of Melbourne’s venues and meet our new hero in the form of SPOD.

While we seemed to spend most of our time in Melbourne by taking in some amazing meals (the city is one of the best in the world for restaurants), a secret bar crawl (ditto for drinking), indigenous meat, vintage tours etc, we still managed to squeeze in gigs at night, on this occasion our gig was in The Tote Hotel in Collingwood. This two-storey venue and bar feels as revered as Whelan’s in Dublin to the locals here, with a rich history of alternative bands which have passed out on amps and joined the crowd in the sunken pit at the front of the stage. The pictures adorned on the walls tell us that bands like Fugazi and The Hellacopters have played here in the past 25 years.

In a city with a very young history, The Tote is steeped in it. The hotel is intrinsically linked to Festival Hall, a large venue in the city which we also visited this week. The story goes that an Irishman by the name of John Wren ran an illegal betting shop from the area called Totaliser in 1893 which is rumoured to house tunnels which run from the cellar of the bar to the bet shop. After making his honest illegal fortune, Wren put his money into entertainment and ending up buying the site that would later become Festival Hall in 1915. Now, a 5,000 capacity venue, it has been home to artists like The Beatles, Johnny Cash, Bloc Party and national electro heroes The Presets. Find out who our new hero is >>

Posted on June 18th, 2009



I’d never listened to Planningtorock before until this morning. I followed a link to a strange video then I found a weird remix of Telepathe and both of them are ending up here.

In short, Planningtorock is one Berlin-based Janine Rostron – singer, songwriter, composer, producer and videographer. She strikes me as akin to a weird LED helmet-wearing Lady Gaga if Gaga only listened to black metal and The Knife (who as it turns out she is writing an opera with on the subject of Darwin). An album is forthcoming on DFA records and the “Black Thumber” video promo above is for a special preview performance at the Donau Festival.

It’s weird stuff but I like it. This remix of Telepathe is like a playful but malevolent robotic clown. You’re expecting it to turn dark but it just keeps on going along the light-hearted jaunty bouncy path.

Telepathe – Devils Trident (Planningtorock remix)

Posted on April 21st, 2009

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Of all the musically-challenged groups to appear over the last few years, The Horrors were perhaps one of the most offensive. Their cartoonish style and unfathomable NME support were laughable to me. This band were generally annoying. Even an attempt at reaching for greatness by working with Chris Cunningham on the video for ‘Sheena Was a Parasite’ came across as vapid.

So then, would someone like to explain to me, why exactly their new album Primary Colours is all kinds of awesome??? Sure, it channels Joy-Division and their post-punk contemporaries a little too closely but the drive and immersion evident is as impressive as fuck. They’ve gone from a joke to a band in my estimation. Nice work. Their superb 8 minute single ‘Sea Within a Sea’ should change your mind too..

Primary Colours is out on XL on May 8th.

Posted on April 14th, 2009