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10 Irish songs you need to hear this week

10 Irish songs you need to hear this week

A lot of music from Ireland and Northern Ireland comes our way and every week, we listen through it all, sift the list down to a manageable list and share the best new tracks from emerging artists and some more established acts that deserve to be heard by you.

For more extensive Irish and new music coverage, follow our Spotify playlist or hit up the Irish section for individual track features.

Featuring Tandem Felix, Robert John Ardiff, Kayleigh Noble, Malaki, ZOID, Naoise Roo, Bklava, Delac, Papa Romeo, EHCO.


Tandem Felix

The Kitchen

After David Tapley provided us with a track-by-track for his new album There’s a New Sheriff in Town, it’s time to spotlight one highlight from it.

The album features textured and layered songwriting with a fog of alt-rock atmospherics, with nods to country and guitar music forebearers like Grandaddy, Sparklehorse and Wilco. ‘The Kitchen’ is a exemplar of that.

Says Tapley of the song:

A lot of this record was about trying to set a mood rather than just tell a story. This was one of my first attempts at doing this, painting a picture of this decrepit kitchen where everything is falling apart and the chef is losing his mind. Think The Bear, but if it was taking place in a houseshare in Rialto.

Yes, the video is shot in the now-closed Lord Edward restaurant.


Robert John Ardiff

The Corridors Of Love

While Robert John’s Ardiff’s last album in 2021 was called ‘The Corridors Of Love’, the song itself of the same name features on the very current release of third album Once I Was. With a Mariachi horn opening, the song unfurls in an acoustic rumination on navigating a fractured relationship.

The album also features ‘Gimme All Of Your Money’


Naoise Roo

Silent Halls

Belfast-based artist Naoise Roo’s second album Emotionally Magnificent will be released this Friday via North Carolina label Schoolkids Records, the followup to 2022’s Lilith.

There’s a classic rock feel to ‘Silent Halls’ right out of the gates with Bowie and Snow Patrol among some touchstones on this anthemic wall of rock noise song.

The album was produced by Liam Mulvaney with assistance from Jamie Hyland (Mhaol) and live players include Daniel Fox on guitar/bass (Gilla Band), Rian Trench (Solar Bears) on drums/synths and Karl Tobin on guitar.

Album is available through Bandcamp on digital and vinyl.

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Kayleigh Noble


While much of Kayleight Noble’s debut album Just A Girl is written from the perspective of someone in the axis of a partner’s toxic behaviour, the second half moves towards hedonistic club bangers with ‘duh’ finding Noble relishing feeling in control.

Production is from Dublin-born London-based producer, whenthebeatisbad.

16 Irish albums to look forward to before the end of 2023



Postmodern Acid 2

Coming across like a roughed-up Daft Punk acid track, the Dublin producer ZOID’s latest track is a bouncy Roy Of The Ravers-esque percussive acid house delight.



Most Days

Dublin artist Malaki is no stranger to heart on sleeve lyrics that explore social and personal turmoil, and ‘Most Days’ is his open-hearted latest built with expressive piano lines and a chorus hook with references to damaging cocaine use.

A really great video by Tanner Gordon accompanies.



Make It Work

Channelling full-bodied ’90s dance synth lines and garage pop style, the Irish-Lebanese artist Bklava’s latest banger is her first on own label Spin Suga after some releases on Ministry Of Sound.

“Make It Work’ Is my mantra, really… The lyrics serve as a reminder to make things happen for myself without waiting on others to fix things. Finding meaning in my music is a really important part of my songwriting process, and I always try to write lyrics that are thought-provoking, but ‘Make It Work’ is more about a manifestation through the lyrics and what the sonics allow people to feel whilst listening.

The repetitive nature of the vocal is something I’ve always wanted to explore, especially being into a lot of music where the production will centre around a chop or one hook instead of a fully fleshed-out song. It’s this intent of bringing out more club-focused tracks that hopefully gives you a little snippet of what’s to come.”

The new label, Spin Suga, started life as a platform set up in Brighton aimed at promoting all female and non-binary artists and DJs in the hope of influencing young women to join the music industry and close the gender gap. Having hosted events, livestreams and more, the platform is now a home for Bklava’s new music with ambitious plans for the future.

See previous features.



Arms Of Another

The London/Irish duo of Delac (James McAdam and Stephen Dooley) marry songwriter / club atmospherics with softer electronic string and synth sounds on their latest single ‘Arms Of Another’.


Papa Romeo

Diamonds In The Morning

Dublin five-piece Papa Romeo’s latest single is a languid jaunt with bedroom pop and indie jazz vibes. it’s a song about “small moments, whose significance is only clear in retrospect.”

‘Diamonds in the Morning’ is out now on Dublin label Cracked Skull Records, there is an EP coming March 2024 and singles before then.

Papa Romeo play Cork Jazz Festival this weekend.

More from Papa Romeo.



Lips So Sealed

Nice to hear a return for Wicklow’s EHCO who are producer Eoin Whitfield (Enemies ) and Jessy Lord on vocals. ‘Lips So Sealed’ is textured evocative track in which Lord’s vocals feel like a dreamy half-remembered refrain.

EHCO have form in ear worm electronica.

For more extensive Irish and new music coverage, hit up the Irish section for individual track features

For this and more Irish songs, follow the Nialler9 New Irish Spotify playlist.

This week’s playlist updates includes the songs above along with new additions:

  • NewDad – Let Go
  • Kojaque; Wiki – JOHNNY MCENROE
  • I Dreamed I Dream – The Bass
  • Autumns – Repeat Prescription
  • Balderdasch – Not an Old Soul
  • TANOKI – Desire
  • Fia Moon – On Fire
  • Last Apollo – Just Tonight
  • LINDA – drivin’ in your car
  • IB REBEL – African Chick
  • Uwm.; Awesimon – Springsteam 528Hz
  • Sonsie – I Feel Alive
  • Greg Tisdall – sheets
  • Fortune Igiebor; Jafaris – WALK WITHOUT MY OLD CA!N
  • NIALLISH – Music
  • Scenes From A Break – Romance
  • Aoife – Shelter
  • JyellowL; HarrySong – Reality Chec
  • The Cope – Find Another Way

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